Every language has its own history and style.

Urdu,  like  Persian is  from the Indo-European branch  of  languages  and  Chagtai  was  a  Turkish  folk  based   dialect. With  time  languages change. Urdu  is  connected  to  Muslims because  that  is  what we are  taught.

Language Every Language Has its Own Style


Bollywood  is  nothing  without  Urdu  dialogues  and   songs and  poetry.  But it is  taken  for  granted  and  its  due credit  is  not  given. I  have  listened  to the Gita  in Arabic  and  read  Gita  in Urdu.

It  is  the  thought  content  that  goes  in, not  the  script. In no  state  including  Uttar  Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar  and other Hindi  speaking  communities  does anyone  speak  Hindi  properly. Every  language  has  its own grammar, structure  and  style that  has  to  be  learnt  and  mastered.

By Jyotsna Pathania

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