Are PM Modi’s foreign travels going to waste when closer home there are obstacles?

It is a terrific feeling that our beloved Prime Minister Sri NaMo is taking the lead in selling our country’s potential abroad inviting the much needed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). However, all his efforts would come to naught if he cannot control the Italian mob led by its Camel Toe and its retard of a son. The anti-national Congress party is crowing into the wind that it has “won” and that it has “defeated” the ruling party by not allowing it to pass the GST Bill! Tyrant Indira Gandhi has set many an example of controlling and arm-twisting the opposition into submission. Madam J Jayalalithaa is there right in our presence who treats the Congress party’s underlings with contempt, no SoB of Congi ever attempts to open his mouth in her presence. A raised eye-brow is enough to brow-beat the Italian maid’s lackeys.

narendra modi germany Exercises in Futility


Brute force should do the trick. Where the Congi lapdogs do not allow business in the Parliament, go-in for a Joint-Session and be done with it! These valets will anyhow keep generating noise throughout the life of this Parliament. What does it mean? Are we going to sit twiddling our thumbs and beg the bargirl waitress to allow Parliament to function? If we are going to allow the anti-Indian Congress to drive the mechanics of our Parliament, then all this travel abroad by our Prime Minister are exercises in futility.

By Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

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