Exposure gives us the insight to understand what we are and about our potential, are we going to be valued as diamonds or will remain valueless like a coal.

Exposure gives us the insight to understand what we are and about our potential, are we going to be valued as diamonds (talented) or will remain valueless like a coal (Average). It is an exposure which gives us the chance/s to shape ourselves to let the world know our potential. Exposure gives us an identity. The world only wants to see us in a presentable way & that is accomplished by effective exposure. Today nobody is bothered to know what you were, it is important what you are today and how well presentable actually. Exposure comes from opportunities. Our opportunities make our experiences.

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We should always value the word ‘EXPOSURE’; which provides a platform to learn & to present, it opens up new doors of development, leads to a focused mind. It enhances & shapes up our inner capabilities also help us to discover ownself. Everyone do not have the privilege to have a wider platform for self-development. Depth & intensity of ‘Exposure’ one can understand from this example. A deaf man becomes dumb automatically, as he doesn’t have the exposure to listening what is a sound & how it used in language/s. And languages are medium to communicate with people. The absence of exposure makes him/her silent soul. S/he remains a undiscovered person, which takes away his/her inherent quality & s/he turned as an ‘Optional handicap’.

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Role of Opportunities

Let’s talk in general about known face’ to understand the role of opportunities in exposure. Exposure has the entry door which is named as an opportunity.

India could produce only one Amitabh Bachchan and one Shahrukh khan or Salman Khan. Do we have that shortage of talent in our country? No not all, it is all about opportunities which don’t strike at everyone’s door all the time. It is opportunities which provide a platform to grow, and how we grab, optimize & extract benefits from those is again another story. Opportunities are a test of our potential. Few people can snatch opportunities, some can’t and some are honored by luck (if so), which plays a very vital role to shape up their talent and present someone as a polished diamond. Some are not blessed with extraordinary talent but still can manage to shine like a diamond, it’s because the way they shape/present themselves publicly (recall few faces from Bollywood who works only in their presence). This shows if opportunities are utilized well to gather experience, one can move with a moderate level of talent. So the exposure plays a very important role to what we are today & what we would be tomorrow for the world.


We meet people, we judge them on the basis of how they present themselves and that comes from their experience of dealing with the people. Is it the right process to judge someone’s potential on their present status? Let’s understand the role of experiences when we talk about exposure.


Experience vs. Talent

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Does ‘Experience’ has weighting or ‘Caliber’? Experience is earned with time/work & constant learning from the environment. Whereas caliber is inborn, caliber sharpened & tuned with the experience. Can caliber be acquired with an experience? Not really but someone can polish himself to a great extent to be in healthy competition from his experiences. So what is more important ‘Experience or Caliber’ when someone apply to get a job or present his portfolio.

These are two opposite pole of questions in this regard

  1. If experience is more important then why IIM fresher gets higher pay than a more experienced person?
  2. Why opportunities are lost due to lack of experience? Why one talented person doesn’t get a chance to prove his caliber due to lack of experience?

Think on this what would have happened if Amitabh Bachchan hasn’t got any chance to showcase his Caliber. He would have been living ordinary life & we wouldn’t be knowing him as a legend.

We always give example of known people for their achievement and their struggle but how much percentage they actually contribute vs. the population of that country or world. Point is that, it’s only accountable data we are talking about in terms of talent vs. achievement which they received because they had opportunities, they had talent and they have got exposure but we never know the percentage of people who are blessed with the talent but opportunities do not strike hard in their way for some or other reason and they remain nameless.

So the conclusion is, more important is ‘Opportunities for Exposure’, caliber falls at a later stage, even if someone is not extraordinary talented, one can make his/her decent presence with the help of effective use of experience which is again a byproduct of exposure.

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Below are few questions which always trigger me when I think about concept of opportunity vs. exposure. Why some are blessed. I would like to leave this for readers to think on that.

  • Why one has opportunities and other does not have it?
  • How opportunities do drives in someone’s way?
  • How come one can drive it for himself & whereas other can’t do it? Is because of fate?
  • What exact role fate does play in our life?
  • Who decides our fate? Are galaxies, as said by astrologers?
  • Why two people are born on same day, at the same time & in the same place but do have an opposite parameter of fate vs. opportunities? Which is claimed in astrology for the position of galaxies?

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Endless questions I have on this subject but bottom line is that, understand the value of exposure in your life & how it can shape up your personality. Learn & try to experiment new things in life, you will gain some or other experiences which will contribute to you.


By Rajkumari Nagpal

First three images were contributed by the author herself.

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