Dogs are the loveliest creatures universe is blessed with. But unlike pets, street dogs are shunned and smashed badly. Shame on such heartless beings!

The word ‘faithful’ in my eyes was perhaps coined for ‘dogs’. Although I am not fortunate enough to own one as a pet, but a tad of experience I had with street dogs and my friend’s dogs is substantial enough to support the first statement. Well, my love for dogs does not cue every individual to feel the same I do for it. But on humanitarian grounds, cannot a two-leg mortal retain ‘kindness’, if not love, towards it? Unfortunately, I see not even a smidgen of kindness navigating towards these innocent creatures.

MAKE UP DOGGY Extinction Of Humanity

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960, if known to all, was enacted to stop the cause of pain or suffering on animals and to modify the laws pertaining impeding the cruelty shown towards the animals. The society could not yet revolutionize itself towards the inexpressive animals. With no intention to be preachy, I pen down what I feel and witness. My eyes did not believe the heinous sight, when I saw street dogs being beaten with a cane. Moreover, boiled water was being flung upon their delicate skin. Some are being smashed, whilst some kicked out. Much to my dismay, the hellish circumstances I am reflecting upon befell in my residential area,  and undesirably had become a part and parcel of this place.

dogs are beaten Extinction Of Humanity

My helplessness could not although uproot the rampant cruelty and callousness bred within my area, but the vociferous voice of mine urged me to save the innocence, the street dogs. Having seen these ghastly acts in my area, what emerged in my mind was that many others must be doing the same to the dogs of their localities. Thus wrote my pen, my only weapon to liberate the dogs from devil-like humans. It’s my desperate plead to not ill-treat these naive creatures.

By Prerna Daga

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