Don’t forget that your eyewear should be as stylish as your clothes – Know the eyewear designs in vogue, try it, and enjoy being a chic!!!

In my view, Fashion in the true sense is an art of styling your look from head to toe not necessarily by following the current trends.  Fashion is not just clothes if that’s what you think its all about, it starts from the head starting from your eyes so don’t forget that your eyewear should not be as stylish as your clothes. With the kind of variety available in the market, it is definitely hard to choose as one can get perplexed for which one to choose.  

model eye wear Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

From the catty Tom ford shades to the baroque inspired Dolce and Gabanna, it’s like a tempting platter from which you have to choose the dish, which will fulfill your appetite. But, you don’t just buy what’s trending, you should buy what suits your personality. It is understated but true that your pick of eyewear indicates your mood, your personality and reflects your personal style statement so be careful about what you choose and for what occasion.

I am in Miami Bitch Look

The “ I am in Miami bitch” shades title would definitely go to the jazzy reflector aviators from Ray Ban. These can be worn to a brunch or a pool party; it’s the “I’m in the party mood” eyewear, which makes you feel like a boss. A must have for this summer season; these colorful mirror reflectors indicate your cheerful mood. These shades are available in a number of different colors giving you a good variety to choose from. 

miami bitch eyes vogue Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

I am a Supermodel look

The baroque inspired shades from Dolce and Gabanna are the sexy supermodel shades, which can make you look pretty and sexy at the same time. The bunch of flowers on the edges gives a tantalizing effect and adds a tint of glamour. Not suitable for all kinds of face structures, an elegant personality can very well handle the sexiness of the baroque style.  

eye shades dolce gabbana Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

On the other hand, Prada has a different version of the baroque with its round frame and angular side handles which I must say is quite a change from the traditional huge face covering sunglasses. A combination of an elegant outfit with the right kind of shoes is required to complete the supermodel look.  

super model look Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

 The “Meow” look 

The catty eyewear makes you look witchy but also sharp. One of the latest eyewear fads, all brands including Prada, Tom ford and Dior carry the catty look shades. The angular edges make an impactful statement.  Gone are the days when only the huge sunglasses made a style statement. Now, you should create your own style statement by suiting your mood and personality. The Catty look is a good pick for the ones with a lean face and not for the ones with a pudgy neck or a double chin. 

MEOW EYE WEAR Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

“I m Young, Wild and Free” Look 

 This look can be as personalized as far your imagination can take you. Break free from the conventional and experiment with the trends. Follow your mood, and find yourself in your eyewear. But, do not simply follow the trends; follow what is suiting your face including the shape, size and color of the frame you choose.

YOUNG SEXY WILD EYE SHADES Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!


This look does not mean going berserk, it means finding your inner self in your eyewear and being confident about wearing it. Experiment with colorful frames or leopard print handles. Don’t fear to experiment with your look, your eyewear is as important as the clothes you wear because wrong choice of shades can make your entire look upside down. 

sonam kapoor EYE SHADES VOGUE Keep Your Eyes & Eyewear in Vogue!

Don’t let the current trends confuse you with the choice of eyewear. I see women around me all the time wearing the latest eyewear looking like products of failed promotional strategy. Eyewear reflects your persona to the same extent as your clothes do. You see the world with your eyes, make them look as beautiful as you can, keep the trends coming, but don’t let it fool your judgments.  

By: Vidhi Sagar





Image Source: Sonam KapoorEye ShadesBoruquePradaModel – D&G

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