Indians, what are you chewing over? Get your profile pictures inscribed on the ‘tricolour’ and feed support to the goal ‘Digital india’.

Like my every ordinary morning, my eyelashes struggled to detach along with my hands struggling in pursuit of my phone, somewhere laid on my bed. Compelled by my habit, the first two sights I bless, or curse, as some may find, my eyes with are ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’. Much to my amaze, my ordinary morning was way extraordinary today as Facebook wall ensued itself with a chain of national flags to promote Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign. And to me it appeared as if Facebook was celebrating Independence Day, 15th August.

zuckerberg modi digital india Facebook Is Kinda Celebrating 15th August

Overwhelming was this not-so-usual scrolling down of Facebook page, which one after another, displayed profile pictures in the backdrop of our ‘tiranga’ embedded with connected dots to symbolise ‘Digital India’. How could have I wasted a minute even to nationalize my profile picture too! And one more supporter to millions was added, yes, my DP was changed as well.

digital india Facebook Is Kinda Celebrating 15th August

What popped out my eyes was Mark Zuckerberg’s profile picture affront the shadow of ‘Indian Flag’. My heart pounded under the pride Modi brings to our nation, brain, reverberated with ‘wow’ and thumb provoked for a touch on ‘like’.

How do I fit in this iconic figure (Narendra Modi) under the blanket of my words? I really fumble for the alphabets on my keyboard. 49 years of gloom could bloom with this vigour just in an year, how better than this do I cheer for Modi?

None, I guess, would prefer to proscribe the goal ‘Digitalize India’. What are you then waiting for? Go ahead, back it like me, others and Zuckerberg, draw in more supporters and see our-wish-turned-dream of Modi concretized sooner.



By Prerna Daga

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