Husband or Facebook? Wife or Facebook? It’s high time for couples to not mess up with their spouses to enjoy the illusory pleasures of Facebook.

Facebook account until marriage is sheer fun, from new friends to new check-ins, everything is like an icing on your cake-like-life, but when flies in the vows of marriage, flies out the wows of Facebook.

Beware couples! Now is the time to make a choice for the cause of better.

Here’s to all the curious women out there, face-a-book or face-a-husband and to all the casual husbands, face-a-book or face-a-wife.

What actually happens?

1.Gradual metamorphosis of a partner into spy

Without hinting you, your partner would act no less than a CID, indeed a better version of ACP Pradyuman. Research says 58 per cent of the partner is known to their spouses’s password but the spouses being oblivious of the fact. This is how the other keeps on with his or her investigation.

wife spies husband 5 Ways How Facebook Kills Marriages


 2.Partner-turned-spy starts discovering the evidences

Before a partners set out on the mission of spying, they wholeheartedly pray to find their spouse innocent, but later to find being cheated.

husband caught cheating 5 Ways How Facebook Kills Marriages



 3.The detective fiction ends to open the pages of war

Which husband-wife relationship under the sky doesn’t undergo petty squabbles? None perhaps. But that doesn’t call for Facebook to accelerate it. Some things are worth quitting than fighting endlessly. 25 per cent of the 2,000 married couples routinely argue once a week on ‘Facebook’, while 17 per cent hitting the everyday-list.


husband wife fight 5 Ways How Facebook Kills Marriages

 4.Threats start to engulf their well-wedded life

Facebook makes great couple with only and only a bachelor or a spinster. The world today is plagued with three addictions, smoking, drinking and this physically-healthy-but-emotionally-unhealthy Facebook. 15 per cent of couples opine ‘facebook’ as a severe threat to their wedding-life.


Facebook causes divorces 5 Ways How Facebook Kills Marriages

 5.Finally the knot tied between two is untied

Every elastic has its breaking point, likewise, married life too stretch not very far to finally end up with divorces.Facebook not alone but with its avengers, Whatsapp, twitter and instagram are on the mission to produce more single parents.


marriage ends 5 Ways How Facebook Kills Marriages


I envisage every couple, after these ‘solah aane’ penta-facts , to distance themselves from Facebook and move closer to their  spouses.

By Prerna Daga

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