Know some of the interesting story & facts about Ranbir Kapoor from his childhood till date. I bet this will surprise & amaze you!

It is Ranbir Kapoor’s birthday today and so we are all set to share some interesting things about him. Yes, few facts about the Bollywood star which you probably might not know yet especially as far his childhood mischief is concerned.

Here we go:

Ranbir Kapoor is a Big Candy Crush Addict

This was disclosed in March this year when Jacqueline Fernandez told a daily while shooting with him for the film Roy. Jacqueline initially thought RK Jr. is very serious who gives his shot perfectly and then heads back to his phone texting maybe or doing something productive, only to realize later that he goes back to crush his candies.

RANBIR KAPOOR LAZY INDIAN ATTITUDE 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

When Ranbir Kapoor was a Kid, he used to have Imaginary Conversations with the Dead People for eg. Hitler

Yes, he used to have imaginary discussion with Hitler where he used to ask him about his evil deeds.

ranbir kapoor memes 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

In College His Attendance was 2%

After passing out from Scottish College, he took admissions in HR College. His Mother reveals there was a time when his attendance percentage was only 2%

B Id 346909 Ranbir Kapoor 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

In School, he did Nasty things You Won’t Believe

Neetu Singh in an interview recalled how she was constantly called to Ranbir’s school every year between Class I and Class XII, either because he had looked up a teacher’s skirt forcing her to forever wear saris or dropped his pants.

ranbir kapoor photos 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

He Still Takes His Weekly Pocket Money of Rs. 1500 from his Mother

He is a big star earning lots through films and endorsements yet being a Mama’s boy he still takes the Rs. 1500 pocket money that his mother gave him from the initial days.

ranbir kapoor 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

His Mom Neetu Kapoor Used to Cut his Nails Almost Till 2009

On SIMI SELECTS – India’s Most Desirable, Ranbir had revealed how close he is to his mother. This is when he revealed she used to cut his nail for as long as 2009. This interview took place in 2011.

Ranbir Kapoor Neetu Kapoor 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

He Got the Name from his Grandfather Raj Kapoor

Though his grandfather, the legendary figure is popularly known as Raj Kapoor his original name was Ranbir Raj Kapoor. This is how Ranbir got his name.

raj kapoor ranbir kapoor 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Made His First Girlfriend When He was in Class 7

Ranbir had his first girlfriend in Class 7. However, when they broke he decided not to fall in love again. Next, he was attracted to Avantika Mallik and used to regularly go to the sets of Just Mohabbat. The two dated for 5 years. He was also linked to Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone before dating Katrina Kaif.

ranbir kapoor katrina kaif 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

He is a Pure Non-Vegetarian!

Ranbir Kapoor loves relishing non-veg food and usually skips veg delicacies, this is the reason why his mother ensures she gives him vegetable juices in the breakfast. His favorite veggie is bhindi. His favorite restaurant is Gajalee and Ling’s Pavillion.

deepika padukone Ranbir kapoor eating 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor Talks and Eats Too Fast

RK suffers from Nasal Deviated Septum and this is the reason why he eats and talks so fast. This happened because he fell on his face on the loo pot when he was rushing towards it.

dr jan4 10 Lesser Known Facts about Ranbir Kapoor!

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