Here are the Lesser Known Facts of Kurukshetra War in Mahabharat which you might not be familiar with!

Mahabharat’s 18 day Kurukshetra war has lots of interesting tales and stories connected with it. While, many of them is known to us, some of them still remains unfamiliar. Here, I focus on such instances and facts of Kurukshetra War. 

1. Iravan Sacrificed Himself to Goddess Kali to Ensure the Victory of the Pandavas

Iravan (Also – Iravant, Iravat and Aravan), the son of Arjun and naga princess Uloopi sacrificed himself to goddess Kali to ensure the victory of his father and his team in the Kurukshetra war. He however, had a last wish – He wanted to marry a girl before he died. Now, getting a girl who knew her husband would die in few days was a tricky task. Which girl would ever marry a man to embrace widowhood?So, Lord Krishna took the form of a nubile Mohini, married Iravan and even wept like a widow after her husband Iravan died.

Iravana Mahabharat Kurukshetra War 5 Lesser Known Facts of Kurukshetra War in Mahabharat

2. Duryodhan Approached Sahadeva to Seek Mahurat of Kurukshetra War

Sahadeva who had eaten the flesh of his father Pandu after his death could not only see past, and future but also had a great knowledge in Astrology. This is the reason why Shakuni sent Duryodhana to Sahadeva to ask the mahurat (right time) of the Mahabharat War. Sahadeva being honest had disclosed it to Duryodhan in spite knowing the fact that Duryodhan was his real enemy in the battle. 

Sahadeva 5 Lesser Known Facts of Kurukshetra War in Mahabharat

Sahadeva could already see the great war coming however he could not warn his brothers because he had a curse  – The moment he would reveal the future he would die and so Lord Krishna had advised him to answer questions wrt to future only in the form of questions. 

3. Krishna Supported Duryodhan By Giving Him His Entire Narayani Sena

It was Duryodhan who reached first in Dwarka to seek Krishna’s help way before Arjun came to Dwarka to seek Krishna’s help. However, when Duryodhana reached, Krishna was sleeping. So, both entered Krishna’s room while he was sleeping. Duryodhan who entered first sat besides the head of Krishna while Arjun stood next to Krishna’s feet with his hand folded.

Krishna Arjuna 5 Lesser Known Facts of Kurukshetra War in Mahabharat

Krishna & Arjuna, Photo: ISKCON.ORG

When Krishna woke up he saw Arjun first though he came only after Duryodhana. This made both of them equally deserving in the eyes of Krishna – Duryodhana since he came first and Arjuna since he was seen first. This is the reason why, Krishna submitted himself to Pandavas while he gave his entire Narayani Sena to Duryodhana. 

4. Yuyutsu, was the only Kaurava who survived after the Kurukshetra War

Yuyutsu, Dhritarashtra’s son from a vyasa dasi did not war from the side of Kauravas but from Pandavas. No, not because he was always taunted by his step brother but he just like Vibhishan was destined to follow the righteous path and so just before the war he chose the side of Pandavas. He was in fact the only surviving son of Dhritarashtra, who although was a son of dasi performed the last rites of his father. He was also the guardian of Parikshit, the grandson and future king of Hastinapur. 

Yuyutsu Dhritarashtra Son from Sauvali Vaishya class 5 Lesser Known Facts of Kurukshetra War in Mahabharat

5.Duryodhana’s Brother Vikarna Supported Pandavas But Warred Against Them

On the 14th day of Kurukshetra War, Bhim was aiding Arjun when the latter wanted to slay Jayadrath before sunset. Just then Duryodhana sent his brother Vikarna to check Bheem’s move. Vikarna followed dharma and knew the fact that with Lord Krishna on the side of Pandavas, Duryodhana would never win. But he could not forsake his elder brother Duryodhana.

When Bheem saw Vikarna in his path he pleaded him to stay away reminding him how he was the sole person to defend both Draupadi and Pandavas after the game of dice. But Vikarna requested Bheem, the Vayu Putra to fight with him. Thus, Bheem who had vowed to slay the true born of Dhritarashtra killed Vikarna even though he did not intended to kill Vikarna, Duryodhan’s only true brother who followed Dharma. 

By Deepti Verma

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