Know some interesting facts about Malik Altunia of Mamluk Dynasty – Razia Sultan’s lover!

While you might be enjoying watching Rohit Purohit as Altunia in AndTV’s maiden historical saga Razia Sultan, here we give you the details about the historical character Malik Altunia, who changed the fate of the only Lady ruler of the Mamluk Dynasty – The Razia Sultan

altunia razia sultan serial and tv Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

Here are some of the details of Altunia

Altunia Was One Amongst the 40 Amirs

A Turkish Amir, Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Altunia was one of Razia’s forty Amirs (Amir-i-Chilhgan) – A confederacy of nobles. During the period of Iltutmish, a good number of Amirs (his personal slaves) had gained influence in the administration of the kingdom. They had formed this union which continued even after his death. Altunia was one amongst the 40 Amirs.

altunia rohit purohit andtv Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

Altunia Helped Razia to Smash the Growing Protest of the 40 Amirs

Sultan Iltutmish had kept all the Amirs under his control. However, after his death, all these 40 members wanted to gain more power and influence. The result? Well they started working for themselves. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if one of these 40 Amirs would have become the next Sultan, just the way, Iltutmish became after defeating his predecessor’s (Qutub Din Aibak) son. Together, the 40 Amirs were no match for Razia.

altunia fighting Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

These 40 Amirs opposed Razia greatly. However, being intelligent and clever, Razia soon realized their weakness and started growing the seeds of distrust amongst them.Soon, she could smash all the plans hatched by the 40 Amirs against her. In this entire phase, she was helped greatly by Altunia, for which he was rewarded heavily by Razia Sultan. Yes, it was because of his services to Razia, he was made the Governor of Bhatinda.

Altunia Was the Chief Advisor of Razia Sultan in Delhi

As long as Altunia was in Delhi, he remained the chief Advisor of Razia. However, later when he became the governor of Bhatinda, Razia Sultan started relying on an Abyssinian Slave named Jamaluddin Yaqut. Yaqut in a short span had acquired great position and rank. From a simple Amir-i-Akhur (Lord of the stables), he became Amir-ul-Umra (Chief of the Nobles). The position of Amir-ul-Umra was earlier held only by a Turk of highest order. This however, not only gave wrong signals to the 40 Amirs but also to Altunia, Razia’s closest confidant.

razia sultan malik altunia Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

Altunia Loved Razia and Aspired to Become Her Consort

Altunia always had feelings for Razia. This young Turkish Amir also aimed to become Razia’s royal consort one day. However, the growing rumour between the illicit relationship between Yaqut and Razia made him jealous. Razia, on the other hand was not aware of Altunia’s proposal. There is a separate story which says that Razia and Altunia were childhood lovers.

malik altunia purohit Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

Altunia Waged a War Against His Love Razia, Only to Marry Her

When a non-Turk slave gained a higher position in Razia’s court, the nobles got an excuse to revolt. The first person to revolt was the governor of Punjab. However, when Razia marched towards Punjab, he retracted his steps. When Razia reached Delhi, she got a bad news of a strong tide in Bhatinda against her.

razia sultan altunia Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

To her surprise, her good old supporter, the governor of Bhatinda was ready for a war against her. It would have been quite a strategy to wait and then march towards Bhatinda, however Razia was in hurry to teach her old supporter a lesson. No wonder, as soon as she reached Bhatinda, Yaqut (the cause of all problems) was killed and Razia was imprisoned by Altunia. This event took place on April 3, 1240.

Altunia and Razia Were Killed in Delhi on October 13, 1240

No sooner was Razia imprisoned, than Altunia realized that the Turk nobles had made him a pawn of their master conspiracy. Soon, the nobles made Iltutmish’s third son and Razia’s step brother Muizzuddin Bahram, the king. Altunia then married Razia (who too agreed to marry him). The two along with their army went to Delhi to regain the throne. However, they were no match against Bahram, and were killed on October 13, 1240.

razia sultan altunia love story Everything You Wanted to Know about Malik Altunia

This is how Altunia despite being Razia’s close confidant became a curse of her life!

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