Eager to know about Yuvraj Sushim Maurya? Here we tell you the interesting facts about Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’s elder brother & Samrat Bindusar’s first born

Off late we are getting to know a lot about Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and his family, courtesy Colors Channel for running the historical show. In this daily serial, the early life of Ashoka is well dramatized where we are bestowed with lot of information especially of those people, which we otherwise had no clue at all. I’m personally enthralled by Sushim (Sumedh Mudgalkar) – his insecurity, his arrogance and his role during his limited spell in Magadh.

sushim maurya magadh ashoka brother Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

And so, here we bring you some of the interesting facts about Sushim Maurya from the Chronicles:

Sushim Maurya Was Bindusara’s First Born, and Hence Bindusara’s Ideal Choice as his Successor

Sushim, the elder brother of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat was the first born of Bindusara. Reasonably, he was the ideal choice to become the next Samrat. However, instead of him it was Ashoka, the brother of another mother who was crowned as a King. The reasons are not one but many. But, the truth, lies in the fact that, Bindusara, wanted his first born “Sushim” to be the next Samrat.

sushim sumedh mudgalkar ashoka serial colors Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

Sushim Was Arrogant and Showed no Respect to the Ministers

Sushim, being the elder son was egoistical and arrogant. He did not show any respect to the ministers. This was the main reason why the Council of Ministers didn’t favor Sushim. These council of ministers who played a pivotal role in the Politics of the Mauryan Empire knew if Sushim becomes the next emperor, not only they themselves, but even Magadh would be in danger.

sushim maurya samrat ashoka facts Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

This is the reason why Ashoka, the son of a Brahmin mother was favored to become the next emperor by these Ministers. Over-confident Sushim might have underestimated the power of these ministers. The poor lad forgot how fatal these clever ministers could turn in the future. No wonder, his arrogance compelled the ministers to manipulate the succession of the future Samrat – making him lose not just the throne, but also his life.

Sushim Was Insecure of Ashoka, and So He Planned Ashoka’s Trip to Taxila

Samrat Bindusar’s son Ashoka was a trained and talented military leader. His fighting qualities were visible right from the early days. No wonder, he was known for being a terrifying warrior, frightening hunter and a cold-blooded general. These reasons were enough to raise a sense of insecurity in Sushim’s mind.  Not sure, whether it was insecurity, jealousy or both, but Sushim got a brilliant chance to get rid of Ashoka during the uprising of Taxila. He suggested his father Bindusar to send Ashoka, the only capable to surpass the revolt of Taxila.

sushim ashoka brother chakravartin ashoka samrat Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

Call it Sushim’s bad luck or Ashoka’s good luck, no sooner Ashoka reached Taxila than he was welcomed with open hearts. Yes, the fight stopped just by Ashoka’s presence, failing Sushim’s plan disastrously!

Sushim Portrayed Ashoka  as Ambitious and Power Hungry

After Ashoka’s victory in Taxila, Sushim got even more worried about his status in Magadha. He was so insecure of Ashoka’s influence over Magadh and other ministers that he tried his best to portray Ashoka as a shrewd man who is not just ambitious but also power hungry. With this allegation, he convinced Samrat Bindusar to exile Ashoka to Kalinga (the present day Orissa)

siddharth nigam ashoka colors tv Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

Sushim Died At The Hands of Ashoka

Legend says Ashoka killed all his 99 brothers to access the Magadh throne – Sushim was one among these 99 brothers. It is said that after the death of Bindusara, Ashoka tricked Sushim into a pit filled with burning coals which ultimately caused his death. Not to forget, Ashoka’s succession was well planned by the Magadh ministers who didn’t prefer Sushim as the next Samrat.

samrat ashok yuvraj sushim susima Interesting Facts about Sushim, Samrat Ashoka Maurya’s Elder Brother

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: 1, Colors.in.com, @beatking_sumedh


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