Something about the way we have been brought up obsesses us with the idea of success while making us dread failure. However, if we would bother to notice then we would realize that the most crucial of lessons of life has been taught to us by failures. Here are list of five important things failure reinforces to us.

Success gives you the money, the friends, the fame, the adulation, and yes, everything in general that amount to happiness and predominantly the perfect life, which explains as to why everyone on the planet works towards being successful. However, the catch is, while success can give you the good life, it is very blinding as well. People who shower those compliments and tend to laugh and hang around with you when everything seems right may not necessarily be the ones to stay with, when things go wrong. And, many a time, you learn the hard way- i.e. only when failure hits hard.

So keeping that in mind, I’ve penned down a few things to remember, which may actually get you to think as to why Failure is actually a very interesting phase, which gets you a wider perspective and perhaps, a larger picture of everything that once seemed hazy.

It’s ONLY ‘you’ in the end:

True, when things go haywire, good friends and family may come to your rescue, may offer a shoulder to cry on or even a listening ear which may tend to better things or improve the way you feel. But the fact remains that the people around you can only alter the intensity of the reaction towards the event- they can’t dominate it or change it; neither can they work things out for you. If there’s something you need to deal with, it is ONLY you who will have to come to terms with it, and perhaps, face it. Your success, failures, achievements, accidents are only experiences for others , but for you they are instances that define your very being.For in the end, these aspects only talk about you or about your life.

The importance of judgment:

Being misled by a very good friend or relative is something that most of us can relate to. However, if you look beyond the chaos and blame game, you will learn how the fault lay in you to actually go ahead without giving it a second thought. What you are today is an image of the decisions that you have made, irrespective of who was behind the idea . Failure alarms you about the importance of judgment and how everything in your life should be solely decided by you as you are going to be bearing the consequences of the decisions you made irrespective of who influenced you with the same. So, in a way, it makes you wiser and more prepared for life.

People don’t really care:

Yes, that is the bitter truth. We often mistake curiosity to concern. If somebody is well interested in our life, it need not mean he/she is actually concerned, it could actually state that he/she just wants to know what’s happening and not because they really care. For, most of us love to talk and discuss about the events in somebody’s life rather than to focus on our own- either to while away time or to give us a false ego boost in order to feel good about ourselves. When people forget about your personal space and want to get every detail of your life without knowing if you’re comfortable or not, it’s time you show them the door. And it’s only during the bad times that you get to know who are the ones that really care and the one who are just curious. Hard, but face it.

It helps you value things more:

More often than not, we tend to ignore the things we must be happy about.  In spite of having most things that several people can only dream of or crave for, the experience of having it does not give you the happiness as it should- and that’s a sure sign that you aren’t grateful about the things you got, until something teaches you to realize the value of certain things in our lives that we should truly be grateful about, and immensely value.

Life is beautiful:

Irrespective of how bad things get, there’s always something to smile about. There are and will always be things and people that make life beautiful. Nothing is perfect and nobody will ever be void of imperfections. But it is only during the downs that we tend to look around and see how beautiful life really is, despite the imperfections or the turmoil. At least in the hope of a better tomorrow, you can decide to work harder, for, life does give a second chance- Only if you bother to seize it.

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