Want to showoff your love life? You can now buy a fake internet girlfriend to boast on Facebook for just $5

Do you wish you had a girlfriend at least on social media so that you could boost your popularity or ‘public’ image on Facebook? A girl in real but as a virtual girlfriend? While, many would take it as a Utopian thought, it is now a reality. Yes, you can really buy a Fake Girlfriend for as cheap as $5 or Rs. 300! Now that is far less than the money to even start a real relationship, isn’t it?

faake internet girlfriend india Now Buy a Fake Girlfriend for $5...

Where Can you Shop For a Fake Girlfriend?

Not one but many websites have platforms where lonely Indian guys can contact and hire a real girl to become their virtual girlfriends. Mind you, these girls are neither fake, nor is a guy acting as a girl. These are real girls who are willing to be your virtual girlfriend, at a minimum cost.

Here’s an ad from the famous website Fiverr where an Indian Girl puts up an ad to become your Fake Girlfriend for 1 week at $5

fake girlfriend facebook india Now Buy a Fake Girlfriend for $5...

Just started in India, this unique concept is quite famous in the west. In fact, there is a whole industry out there who offer you social media paramour. 

fake facebook girlfriends fiverr Now Buy a Fake Girlfriend for $5...

Who are the buyers? And why are they buying a fake Girlfriend?

Well, Facebook has changed the dating scene radically. Breakups and relationship are now no more secrets but public information. Flirtatious Facebook wall post and Facebook stalking can easily threaten a stable relationship or can even make your ex jealous.

Imagine a nerd you think is a loser suddenly seen in a relationship with a hot girl. Doesn’t that bring a lot of attention towards him? Needless to say, most of his friends especially male will then bombard him with comments, eager to know what he did to gain such a girl as his girlfriend. Besides, the usual ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ of course from various other people who are there in his list. So, you see how can Mr. Nerd get popular ‘overnight’.

internet fake girlfriend Now Buy a Fake Girlfriend for $5...

Take another example – You  recently had a breakup but you want to show her how happy you are, you hire a fake girlfriend. There are cases over the Internet where people hired potential fake girlfriend when they were in a relationship. Hmm, yes, to make their girl feel jealous and insecure at the same time. Why? Well, they were very much irritated by everyday tantrums of their girlfriend. Buying a Fake Girlfriend who offered to flirt with them on Social media helped them in warning their girlfriends. This option of ‘Fake Girlfriend’ also comes handy to Gay who are still in their closet or those who are looking forward to marry a girl.

And what do these Fake Girlfriends do at $5?

To start with, they will change the relationship status that will highlight on your profile and timeline. Timely, they’ll flirt with you by either writing on your wall “Last night was awesome, looking forward for more such fun.” or commenting on your updates and tagging you at a famous joint.

fake girlfriend status update Now Buy a Fake Girlfriend for $5...

Some fake girlfriends even offer to call you at work, where you can shout out loud, “Not when I am at work sweetheart!” 

Yes, as simple as that!

By: Deepti Verma

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