Buddha, the life story of Gautam Buddha as televized by Zee TV seems to be more fiction than fact, picking instances and characters from various sources and often mixing them up.

It is quite interesting to know that different sources have the same fundamental story about the later life of Buddha. However, when it comes to Buddha’s early life, different source have a different tale to tell. While, most of the sources are nearly same, the northern Indian sources are something quite different and contrasting. Maybe that is why the makers of Zee TV Buddha adapted the early life of Buddha from that source. Now, since this is the very first time we are bestowed with Buddha in visual form, most of the people will now relate to this story from this point on.

Buddha Zee TV cast The Family of Buddha is not what Zee TV portrays!

No wonder, the show is mesmerizing, the characters are brilliant and so is the cinematography. However, the relation between few people shown in the serial is not what the majority of the sources say.  Here, I present things with respect to other sources which are quite different and contrasting from the current show.

Raja Dandapani was Yashodhra’s uncle, not father

While the show portrays King Dandapani as Yashodhra’s father, it is well known fact that Yashodhra was the daughter of Suppabuddha or Suprabuddha, the king of Koliyan race and his wife Amita. While Amita is rightly shown as Yashodhra’s mother, Dandapani as Yashodhra’s father is wrong, because he was not Yashodhra’s father but her uncle as he was Suprabuddha’s younger brother. Mahamaya and Prajapati Gotami, Buddha’s mother and foster mother, both were sisters of Suprabuddha, while Amita and Pamita was Suddhodana’s sister as well as Suprabuddha’s wife.

Dronadana was not Devadatta’s father

dronadhan buddha zee tv The Family of Buddha is not what Zee TV portrays!

Siddharth Vasudev as Dronadana in Zee TV’s Buddh

Suddhodana had 4 brothers- Dhotodana, Sukkhodana, Sakkodana and Amitodana. There was no brother known as Dronadana as shown here in the serial. Perhaps, northern source might have some explanation to this. But according to all the other sources, Amitodana is the father of Ananda and Devadatta. While Dronadana is shown as a conspirator here, nowhere in the details of various sources will confirm this. Well, I think the makers are showing Dronadan as an antagonist mainly because of his son. Since Devadatta is known to have bad intentions for Buddha, I think the makers thought why not show some drama to plot everything straight. Good attempt.

The connection between Yashodhara and Devadatta

Now, this is something very interesting! It is said that Suppabudhha had two children- one Yashodhra and one Devadatta, but it is also well known that Devdatta wanted to marry Yashodhra. Now an immediate brother will never want to marry his own sister, this is something very illogical. Also, we know that Suddhodana’s brother’s son was Devadatta. This means, either there were two Devadattas or Devadatta never pursued Yashodhra. The makers surely cannot mix match information from two sources; this really makes the entire thing messy.

Mangla, who?

Mangla is shown as Devadatta’s mother and Dronadana’s wife who as a vamp has an important role to play in the serial. She even tries to kill Siddharth many a times. However, if you check with the sources, nothing has been mentioned about her, not even the name. Perhaps, she is a fictional character inspired from Ekta Kapoor’s serial!

buddha promo poster The Family of Buddha is not what Zee TV portrays!

While I agree this show has gone through a major research before getting into production, I feel somewhere it made a big blunder in concluding “who is who” as it mismatched information from various sources into one story. For instance, while referring to the northern Indian source, they have said Dandapani is Yashodhara’s father but nowhere in it can you find that his wife was Amita. Amita everywhere is portrayed as Suprabuddha’s wife.

Trolled? I wonder what you have to say about this.

By Deepti Verma

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