Faisal Khan is being missed by millions of his fans in Maharana Pratap serial after the leap. Know what makes the kid so popular

Faisal Khan or Faisu as his fans love to call him, became the nation’s heartthrob after winning DID Li’l Masters 2. This historic win, changed the life of Faisal Khan forever because the title brought an opportunity to be a TV star. Next, Faisal Khan became the face of our nation’s first freedom fighter Maharana Pratap and we together started the journey of reel Maharana Pratap – he as an actor and we as the audience. Today, we still watch the serial but Faisal Khan cannot be seen anywhere. We might have our Maharana Pratap but somewhere Faisal Khan is still missed.

faisal khan maharana pratap shakti anand Why Fans Are Missing Faisal Khan in Maharana Pratap After the Leap?

Here are the reasons why – 

Faisal Khan Became Our Habit! 

Every day, from Monday to Thursday millions of people switched to Sony TV sharp at 8 pm to watch Maharana Pratap, and hear him speak. Since Maharana Pratap was aired on TV for the very first time, nobody wanted to miss even a single scene or episode from the historical drama. The more and more episodes were telecasted, the more and more people were addicted to the show. Ultimately, making the hero, the centre of attraction “Maharana Pratap” (rather Faisal Khan) as their habit.

Faisal Khan though was a Noob, Appeared as an Experienced Actor 

One of the best attributes of Faisal Khan, besides his dancing is undoubtedly his acting. Not once did we feel that the young lad has “0” experience in acting. From his body language to dialogue delivery and screen presence, everything seemed just so perfect. Moreover, how can we forget his dedication to get into the role like a perfectionist, learn shuddh Hindi and dedicate his time learning horse riding as well as talwar baazi.

Faisal Khan Facts Horse Riding Why Fans Are Missing Faisal Khan in Maharana Pratap After the Leap?

His Chemistry with Ajabde aka Roshni Walia 

Faisal Khan and Roshni Walia as Pratap and Ajabde rocked the small screen, giving many of their contemporaries a tough fight. Mind you, the contemporaries I’m talking was not of their age but senior actors.The love story between them was well scripted but more than the script, it was their acting that attracted us to their story. Even Jannat Zubair as Phool Kunwar was excellent when it came to acting. No wonder, she was the perfect angle of a love triangle.

maharana pratap ajabdeh wedding mewar Why Fans Are Missing Faisal Khan in Maharana Pratap After the Leap?

His Interaction With His Fans on Social Media 

Time and again, Faisal not just interacted with fans on his FB and twitter account but also shared lots of images direct from the sets. His photo with Aashka Goradia who plays his Chotti Maa went viral  minutes after he shared it online. There are not one, but many such images.Fans waited for such pictures on his official page, where he uploaded on a regular basis.

Faisal Khan Aashka Goradia Offscreen Why Fans Are Missing Faisal Khan in Maharana Pratap After the Leap?

His Interview With Various Channels 

Maharana Pratap aka Faisal Khan’s interview is always a pleasure to watch. Full of energy, Faisal mesmerizes his fan every time he speaks. Besides, how can we forget his constant leg pulling on Roshni Wallia and other co stars! Very grounded, the Faisal’ians still can’t stop watching a series of his interviews with several channels.

And Finally,  

He is Missed As He Mesmerized Us All Throughout the One and a half year by portraying the great  legend which we hardly knew! 

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