Bollywood’s Kick – Ass Star Salman Khan has a great fan following all over the world. Know the different types of Salman Khan’s fan here!

If Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket, Salman Khan is the northern star of Bollywood, shinning brightly all the time. Sometimes for his movie, sometimes for his charity and sometime for his “Badde Dilwala” attitude, he not only rules the heart of his audiences but also the walls of social media platforms.

Dare you say anything against him and his loyal fans are ready to rip you off straight, then whether it is any unknown random Sallu disliker (which is quite less) or any richie rich in the name of some Raj Kundra – they don’t care!

salman khan fans Different Types of Die Hard Fans of Salman Khan   The Kick   Ass Star

The best part about Salman Khan fans are – they are outstretched – From kids, teenager, to middle aged crowd and even oldies, everybody seems to admire him. Both, rich and poor who might have different opinion almost on everything, come together in defense of Salman Khan.

Whether they are Hindus or Muslims, BJP enthusiasts or Congress devotee, sophisticated or taporis, Geek or Nerd, Plain Jane or Fashionistas – everybody has a certain level of admiration towards him! Oh yes, that’s Salman Khan – the Indian actor!

Here I introduce 5 Types of Die Hard Fans of Salman Khan:

The Informer – Ek Number Khabri!

This Fan will almost make you believe as if he is the secretary of Salman Khan because he will have every other information on Salman Khan, which surprisingly would not be available anywhere. And then slowly, he will reveal everything either on Facebook, twitter or the whatsapp group. Expect even the hot girls surrounding him just to know a thing or two about their favorite star.

The Free Advertiser – Ekdum Phukat Prachar!

While the political parties bargained with writers to write all about them to spread the positive things about their party on social media through blog posts, tweets and Facebook pages, here we have Salman Khan who never has to low down his image with such a thing. The reason? Well, one section of his fan following, does it all for him, who bhi ekdum phukat!

The Stats Man – Ever Ready with his Statistics on Salman Khan!

These fans will have all the numbers – From how many times he said “No Sorry, No Thank You”  in Maine Pyaar Kiya to how many times he punched Cheddi Singh in Dabangg. In addition, they will also have live updates in terms of number with the likes and shares of his certain videos. True fan, you see!

The Celebrity Gang – Even They Can’t Resist Salman Khan

Salman Khan needs a huge applause here because not just the aam aadmi even the  VIPs and VVIPs are fan of him. From top Politician like Narendra Modi, to writer like Chetan Bhagat, actor in the form of Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan and actresses around the world like Australian beauty Liana Werner Gray and Hollywood star Ali Larter along with various other celebs. Not to forget all those people whom he gave breaks at various occasions including the Virar Ka Chokra, Govinda!

The Imitators – Bole Toh Xerox Copy!

These are the special fans who love Salman Khan so much that they just can’t stop imitating him – whether it is his hairstyle, his dancing moves, his style of wearing shades or whether it is his dialogue delivery. You’ll be surprised to know that many of his fans donate too with the same sentiments after getting inspired from their idol!

From the 6th Type Who Just Can’t  Stop Spreading the Salman Fever Signing off with this awe-inspiring tweet from Salman Khan – The Kick -Ass Star

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