Vivian DSena one of the television most favorite actor is back in Madhubala – EIEJ, however fans are not impressed with his return. Here are the reasons why

Everybody wanted Vivian DSena, the famous RK to come back in Colors favorite show Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junon. While Vivian once again is back in the show it seems that the audiences are not much interested in him like they were earlier. Well, actually it’s not all about Vivian but the role he plays!

MADHUBALA VIVIAN DRASHTI Why Fans Are Not Enjoying Vivian DSenas Comeback in Madhubala – EIEJ?

In the current track, Vivian is no more a hunk or a superstar but a child who is trapped in a man’s body. However, I guess since the persona of Vivian is already fixed in the spectator’s mind as a superstar accepting the new Vivian as a special kid, is being a bit difficult for them. The usual human psychology you see!

Surprisingly, Vivian still is RK but here he is not a superstar as mentioned above but a certain Raju Kumar who is physically not stable. Aha, so, unlike the earlier role there is no RK’s ego, anger, or his heroic impressive dialogue delivery to see, but only some irritating moments where he acts childishly.

Yet another thing which is irking the fans of Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon more than anything else is the lack of chemistry between them which was once the USP of the show.  With no RK-Madhubala or Vivian DSena-Drashti Dhami romance/fight, people are not attracted to the show any more unlike the expectation of Vivian’s comeback in the show.

Lastly, now that the expectations have not met, it is apparent that the fans are not much impressed with the new track of Vivian DSena. And guess what, they are not even ready to wait till the story brings them together as a normal couple. Ah, impatience I see!

By: Deepti Verma

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