Justice delayed is justice denied. Isn’t it? Will India’s judiciary body ever learn to be on time to deliver justice?

I have ideas on improvements in judicial system in BHARAT. The ideas, when implemented can produce results as under :-
1. Need for number of judges will be half of present strength.
2. Need for lawyers’ time will be reduced to half of present time. Judges will carry burden of completing the case within 11 months.
3. Time taken in obtaining verdict / judgment, will be 11 months ( maximum ).
4. All Cost of litigation including court fees incurred  by both the litigants will be borne and paid by party losing case.
5. Exemptions from court fee ( waiver of fees ) —
A ) Litigant whose income is below Rs. 3 Lakhs Per Annum.
B ) Age 65 or above, Retired, Handicapped.
judicial accountability To Fantasize An Effective Judicial System In India  Pipedream?
6. Number of Law suits , cases, civil and criminal in courts through out the nation total in several crorers.
7. Due to the killing delay in verdict, a very large number of citizens do not invoke justice / their legal rights by avoiding going to court.
Many adopt extra legal ways to settle their matters.
This situation will be corrected.
8. Many people at this moment, are kept in jail for 3 to 10 years without even an FIR filed against them.
9. In order to correct the wrongs of present status, Enactment need be passed as under:-
( i ) Obtaining Bail is a Constitutional Right of every citizen. Conditions to be attached to grant of bail is prerogative of Magistrate. They may be as hard as Magistrate deems fit,.
( ii ) Constitutional Declaration on lines of USA law ” MAGNA CARTA ” , which is respected world over, that ” JUSTICE WILL NEITHER BE DENIED NOR DELAYED FOR ANYONE “.
Everyone involved in anyway in running of business of judiciary need bear in mind above promise of state made with every citizen.    
judicial transparency To Fantasize An Effective Judicial System In India  Pipedream?
What I am looking for through your medium is, that the right kind of people in Govt, who matter in decision making are connected to me through email, phone, face time, when I may share my ideas with him / them.
Although I am geographically, far away in USA, it is very well possible for me to talk. communicate for any length of time, and work through emails and attachments thereto. Simply ask me on email to call back on your phone number. I will manage the rest.
My back ground :- 
Laxminarayan Taparia age 81 ( dob 13/10/1935 )
BA ( honours in English ) from Scottish Church College Kolkata India
Law from Govt.Law College Mumbai.
Member of RSS upto 1947.
Member of National Cadet Corps 1953 to 1957
Member of Home Guards  ( Greater Bombay ) 1962 to 1990 ) 
Occupation – own business life time. 
Stay – I am in USA since 1990 till 2017. 
Citizen of USA  and overseas citizen of INDIA since 2015.
Strong nationalist Hindu.
For service to Bharat, in my best ability, there is no cost. I am retired, but not tired. Feel free to get in touch with me. For calling me on phone, you need to dial 00 for taking your line out of India, before my number ( my country code is 1 ) . Best and cost effective way to communicate, is through email.
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