Barkha Dutt, in the name of journalist, is actually an anti-modi poitician whose news feed to audience are always biased and counter-modi.

What hypocrites Burkha Dutt and likes are? She writes to PM a letter and complains about how she is being called names by people on social media and section of the media calling her sold journalist, a News Trader.

On one hand, she is supporting the ones shouting slogans against India from JNU campus, calling Afzal Guru their Hero, their inspiration to revolt against the state. She advocates their case who want to create Afzal Guru like Terrorists in every house in India to Break India into thousand pieces??


In support of these anti national elements, she writes to PM and advocates “Liberty to Free Speech” & “Freedom of Expression” as very important ingredient in a vibrant Democracy like ours, and on the other hand, she is complaining, some are criticizing her professional dishonesty and political posturing ??


But in the same breadth, Burkha Dutt, What about their “Freedom of Speech” that you are advocating for JNU students ?? You think only journalists like you and Rajdeep Sardesai  who have been dishonest with their profession should only enjoy “Freedom of Speech and expression “??

When have been Burkha Dutt and likes honest with their profession ?? 


She also takes this opportunity to give advise to PM on various political and social issues in a sly manners. She questions PM Modi about his policies. She is requesting PM to be big hearted and pardon the students of JNU like a big brother of an elderly figure for committing a stupid mistake. What an emotional appeal ?? We never heard Burkha Dutt in her TV shows asking Modi haters, Modi opponents like Congressmen, JDU leaders, NCP or TMC or BSP leaders to be just and fair with Mr Modi on 2002 Gujarat Riots or Snoopgate issue or Ishrat Jahan encounter or Shohrabbudin encounter ?

What we have seen is journos like Burkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai exploiting dishonestly every political opportunity to turn into a political propaganda campaign against Modi, BJP, RSS or VHP.

We have never seen Burkha Dutt telling Arvind Kejriwal to be more polite, modest, and use civilized language when he uses abusive language against PM Modi. In fact these News Traders are called SOLD only because they have never left any single opportunity to target Narendra Modi and if not they have given political Spin to every new political or social development to “Nail” Modi.

Burkha Dutt, may be journalists like you think, your breed is very special in forming political or social views, opinions, and others are just stupid. No, Burkha Dutt, you are insulting our intelligence. 

You have talked in your letter to PM on issues like …


Dadri killing, FTII appointment, Rohith Vemula suicide, a terrorist called Afzal Guru and Yaqub Memon Hanging, growing intolerance in the country. But all these news stories were Media’s creation when we saw suddenly section of the media ran a political campaign against Modi government that receives full support from some politically motivated, Congress supporting intellectual mafia brigade, like writers, Film Directors, Historians, Scientists calling majority of India has become intolerant and calling Modi Hindu Pracharak, a Fascist, Divisive, Communal.

mob kills man in dadri beef newsx FARCICAL LETTER TO PM BY BURKHA DUTT

Dadri was made a political issue by giving it a communal color between Hindu and Muslims by the self serving opposition parties to get a political millage to nail Modi government when it should have been looked at law and order situation related to unfortunate communal unrest. But journalists like you who work as paid news traders with no professional ethics,and professional honesty blew it out of proportion with a political spin ?? Why??? What is the media’s role in reporting the news stories? Give every news story political color and spin by taking political sides and fuel political unrest in the country ? That is what section of the corrupt media has been doing. Who is going to talk about corrupt media playing divisive politics by spreading lies and fabricated news stories? You have been a part of such media lobby involved into political campaigns to tarnish Narendra Modi for years. You use NGO, Human Right Activists who are funded by some foreign countries and supported by Congress like corrupt political parties.

Are you exposing this political corruption and corrupt leaders ?? Never. You are with them.


Afzal Guru and Yaqub Memon Hanging?? Are you questioning our Judiciary?? Do you all believe in our judiciary or not? Do you believe in President’s authority as Constitutional Head in passing orders on hanging or not ? Who can question Constitutional heads and institutions? Parliament, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary are independently functioning as per our Constitution. Who is anyone to come on streets and challenge these constitutional authorities? Your openly supporting such anti India elements raises doubts about your own role as a journalist ?? What are you in all these anti India campaign? You are not a political leader, nor from any political party. You are a journalists. Why are you seen involved in this communal politics? What is your interest?

Rohith Vemula… A student hanging himself is a police case and being investigated. How do you hold Modi or RSS or BJP responsible for such cases? Are you not straying away from your role as a journalist and becoming political while reporting every such news stories? Are you not suppose to be neutral, unbiased and leave it to Law to take it own course instead of becoming judgmental ?

suicide story rohit vemula FARCICAL LETTER TO PM BY BURKHA DUTT

Your letter to PM is farcical in contents where you are raising all such issues which are either political or social or related to Law and order

You are a journalist and trying to take sides with your political leanings towards select political parties. You are acting on their behalf as witness, Prosecutor and Jury too where as, you are only a Journalist whose role is to report the story without giving it any political color. You are, and like you from the media who are labeled “SOLD” found to be fabricating stories, giving political views, and bias political analysis ??? What are your real interests ? 

About your professional honesty…. There are many questions.


Have you ever questioned Prashant Poojari murder committed in day light in Karnataka ?? The people arrested by the police are members of the Popular Front of India, a radical Islamic Organisation that is quite active in Karnataka. Nobody debated nor the Secular brigade and the intellectuals in the society who feel growing intolerance by majority Hindus, came out in protests and anyone returned awards?

The convicts in Kerala, all belonging to Popular Front of India, cut off T J Joseph’s hand in 2010 for allegedly insulting the Prophet – Who was in power then ?? UPA led by Sonia Gandhi. Were there any street protests, debates, intolerance campaign ??? Did media take up the issue for debates and questioned Muslim leaders?? 


Akbarrudin Owaisi shamelessly abused Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a public rally during UPA rule. Did any Hindu organization demand his head, demand his hanging ?? Were there Riots orchestrated by RSS, Bajrangdal VHP against Akbarruddin Owaisi who is even today instigating his Muslim followers and moving freely in the country??

Did you take up these issues with UPA government and write letters to Dr Manmohan Singh??

Arvind Kejriwal is a creation of Media. We all know it well. He has been a rogue, fake and fraud politician who is only playing his brand of anarchist politics in the country, challenging every constitutional head, abusing constitutional authorities and calls PM Modi a coward and Psychopath. Did you write a letter to him for being abusive about the Prime Minister of this nation?? 

Did you question CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal on his protecting his MLA Somnaath Bharati for ill treating his wife? He is an alleged criminal of Domestic violence and was Kejriwal’s Law Minister in previous government. Did you question Kejriwal for protecting a alleged criminal? Jitendra Tomar was another criminal caught on the charges of FAKE DEGREE CERTIFICATE, CM Kejriwal protected him too. Till he was arrested Kejriwal was telling the world it is all a political campaign by Modi, LG and Delhi Commissioner. Do you remember his fake positioning on the issue?


Did you question Kejriwal for his double standards in politics?? 

Did you run a campaign to educate and inform people of Delhi that all the electoral promises made by Kejriwal are not yet fulfilled and most were fake promises to lure voters deceptively to get their votes?? Did you question Kejriwal on what basis, logic and rationale he decided to raise salaries of his mlas by 400% ???

You and like you, who are dishonestly working in the media industry are making up stories, fooling your viewers and readers. Journalists like you and Rajdeep Sardesai have become Witnesses, Prosecutors and Judges while reporting stories and not being faithful to your TV audience, readers and even to this Nation. Your dishonesty with your profession is so glaring that you are being watched closely with your unethical, dishonest journalism for very long.

It was you and the section of the sold media who projected narendra modi as the main vilain in 2002 gujarat riots when supreme court appointed commission for special investigation on the riots did not find any shred of evidence or truth in accusations leveled against mr modi or amit shah. But you all were as long as 12 years carrying the vicious political campaigns in your debates to prove how mr modi and amit shah are criminals. You were clearly working for congress during 10 year congress rule led by dr manmohan singh.

You never ever hounded Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi or Dr Manmohan Singh for their alleged roles in corruption scams ??? Never wrote letters to PM Manohan Singh questioning his honesty, and loyalty to dynasty when the open national loot was going on ???

Some of you have got corrupt characters, have no professional nor personal values and in this country some of you have formed a media lobby to derail modi government by supporting directly or indirectly congress, aap and the failed political parties who have only looted this country. You are all part of that nexus clearly and do not hesitate even to work with foreign funding to destabilize polity of india, derail the economic agenda of modi government and help congress, aap like political frauds to create political anarchy in the country.

You are not once, but on several occasions caught on the wrong foot playing your dirty politics using your media platform to defame Modi personally, defame BJP, RSS and work on the political agenda of opposition parties namely congress. Because you are not impartial in delivering news stories, in your debates, and PM Modi has been the ultimate political target of the corrupt media lobby.You have no right, moral or ethical or otherwise to write such outrageous letter to prime minister Mr. Modi questioning his leadership, his political intent and honesty. Because your own honesty is at stake..

For 12 long years, corrupt media lobby, corrupt human rights activists with congress backing grilled Narendra Modi, every day in the media and on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi, you fabricated criminal cases against Modi and Amit Shah.

The entire nation was witness to your larger political conspiracy.

The most ridiculous thing is that in your letter addressed to PM Modi, you are seen defending the anti national elements shouting anti India slogans, making Afzal Guru a martyr, they want to cut India into thousand pieces, they are stating Kashmir is not part of India and claiming “Kashmir ki azaadi leke rahenge”. They are challenging our judiciary, our executive, legislature, our constitution and the protector of our constitution, the president of this country. Your letter is in support of the traitors of india.

You all have shown a scant respect for the PM who is been elected with a huge mandate to govern in this electoral democracy. Your letter to pm modi is therefore farcical and an attempt by your lobby to nail PM Modi once again by your letter. We expect there would be more letters following by fake secular lobby sponsored by congress and fake intellectuals addressed to pm modi and your politically motivated campaign will once again take off to create another round of political chaos, sort of anarchy in the country.

Dadri proved it. Muzafar nagar proved it. Kalburgee and Dabholkar killing proved it. FTII proved it. Award wapsee campaign proved it. Amir Khan and Sharukh Khan outburst with their dishonesty proved it. Your orchestrated debates in TV studios proved it. All were well orchestrated campaigns against PM Modi government, all were politically motivated protests, from Nayantara Sahagal to film makers to historians to scientists.

And now the JNU … Where it is clearly seen, who is who? Who is the traitor.

But people of this country have become wiser now and know after JNU episode, who the real enemies of this country are. You have made yourself accused of treason in-front of the nation with your dubious characters.

So back off and mind your own business.

By Ajay Angre

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