Suicide by one of the farmers during AAP rally leaves several questions unanswered. Check them here

Suicide by one of the farmers during AAP rally left behind several questions unanswered. All political parties claim themselves as the friend of farmers, but their action does not commensurate with their claims.

Monsoon Deficits and Farmer Suicides Farmers Suicide in AAP Rally

A lot has been said about in sensitiveness of AAP. All other party appears in the same shoe pertaining to problems of farmers. Rahul Gandhi is going on foot walk from tomorrow in support of farmers. But he should explain what his party’s has done for farmers during more than 50 years of rule.

His constituency Amethi has lost about 80 percent wheat crops due to rain & hailstorms. Unfortunately, he has got no time to share their pains. He is going to start his yatra from Maharashtra though Amethi has also reported a large number of suicidesRegional party is no different. They all have simply used farmers as vote bank. BJP is in hurried to get the land bill passed. It is not understood why it is so important. More important is to extend help to the dying farmers.

A number of declarations have been made so far, but relief to the farmers is yet to receive by the farmers. Narendra Modi is a good orator, but he has failed to convince farmers why the land acquisition bill is so important.  On one side farmers from north & western part of India have lost crops due to rain, on the other side Modi government limited them self with the declaration of relief only.

Modi has taken it as a prestige issue & his thinking is very clear that if he failed to get land acquisition bill through, it will be his failure. As such land acquisition bill is nothing to do with the welfare of the farmers but a moustache fight between opposition & Modi.

Rajnath Singh said in the parliament that 60% farmers are simply contributing only 14% in GDP. Naturally it will be better to utilize under-employed in agriculture sector into manufacturing & service sector. But it can be done slowly not abruptly.

We can learn from China who in 1980 established large scale agro based in rural areas to utilize surplus & underemployed in this manufacturing sector. Only 10% population is tagged with insurance where in China 80% agriculture is covered under it.

In China agriculture land are tagged with a bank account and they get compensation within 24 hours of loss of crops. In our case, it takes months together to reach it grass root level due to red tepism.  Insurance premium should be borne by the government for marginal farmers as China is doing. PM should put farmer’s problem on top of his agenda.

By: Dr.Dinesh Mishra

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