A Farmer committed suicide in full public view and our beloved AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal became a silent spectator..

Yesterday, a farmer from Rajasthan committed suicide in full public view and in the presence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal & thousand of his supporters & peers. The deceased Gajendar Singh came to participate in AAP rally which was called to protest the Land acquisition bill.

arvind kejriwal farmer aap rally Farmers Suicide At AAP Rally

Is it not strange that in a rally of and/for poor, a farmer hanged himself & our beloved leader was a silent spectator. Had action been taken by AAP leaders & supporters in time, his life could have been saved.

But Kejriwal thought to limit his responsibility to request Delhi Police to save life of Gajendar Singh.  Kejriwal continued his brilliant & brave speech even after the farmer was sent to the hospital.  AAP leaders alleged that it was an attempt to sabotage rally & accused the police of being mute spectators.

This event brought the light on the personality of our political leader and his shameless character. Although, all political parties try  to be ahead in any political race by claiming themselves as the best friends of farmers & laborers, the fact remains that farmers are only used as a voting machines, only to be thrown by these leaders later. Their importance are limited to Election only. This is not a new event, it is happening since independence. Congress is at the top of the list of culprits.

This is not a new event, it is happening since independence. Congress is at the top of the list of culprits. Had they given due thought to the farmers during their more than 50 years of rule then more than 15000 farmers would not have been forced to commit suicide.

BJP who boasted ache din has been exposed. It has been reported that, even 2 digits cheques which were given to the farmers in the name of help, have bounced. Is it not a mockery with the farmers?

Better not to talk of AAP whose leaders very quickly congressied. All our politicians are shameless &  are involved in vote bank politics only. They simply weep Ghariali Ansu.

This event of suicide at a rally dedicated to the welfare of farmers is a vivid illustration that Indian politicians have failed its farmers despite talking about their problems all the time. This is  the time that all political parties should leave vote bank politics, and discuss farmers problem and bring short time & long term policy to extend the help to the farmers instantly when needed. Agriculture should be kept at par rather above Industries development as major chunk of populations is dependent on it.

farmers problems india Farmers Suicide At AAP Rally

Even those not depending on farming, are fed by farmers. Insurance  of crops can be one of the steps. Hardly few percent of agriculture are covered under it. Marginal farmers are not economically strong to go for insurance coverage. Either Government should bear the premium or a reasonable return  on insurance may be given even in case of non-failure of agriculture.

Unification of market, 50% return on investment as recommended by Swaminathan committee, easy loan by bankers , brought corporate houses to assist farmers, investment by government in agriculture in fracture are some of the steps needed to be taken urgently.

By: Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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