Greece will make you fall in love with its food, its fashion and its natural beauty! Here’s a girly memoir with fashion, Greece and me!

A blue and white Paradise with a unique, breathtaking scenic view makes Greece a must go for all the nature lovers as well as globetrotters.  Greek Gods left us with beauty at its very best for the world to see and appreciate. Athens, Mykonos and Santorini are top of the list for the visitors.

For the start, we went straight to Mykonos!

Mykonos is the island for the young, with plethora of activities on the beach, night and day clubs for parties and natural beauty at its very best. The uneven hilly terrain makes it quite interesting, as renting quad bikes in Mykonos is comparable to riding karts on the racing track.Another thing, which makes this place different from other places, is that the underdeveloped look of land, which in my view isreally attractive. We, as city inhabitants, now crave for less industrial commotion and want to renew our lost bonding with Mother Nature. 

Fashion Greece 1 Fashion, Greece And Me!

Fashion in Greece 2 Fashion, Greece And Me!

After ten days of exploring Mykonos, this place has made a special place in my heart. For me, time took a toll, while looking at the sunset on the beach with crystal clear water. I wanted to absorb an element of what my eyes were looking at. I could feel the beauty of my surroundings with the gentle breeze through the Goose bumps on my body. There was a moment, when I didn’t want to blink my eyes so as to not miss even a secondof gazing at the ineffable example of sheer natural beauty.

Greece Fashion 3 Fashion, Greece And Me!

Greece Fashion 4 Fashion, Greece And Me!

Beach destinations generally have a defined fashion formula, which is bikinis, but Mykonos sure does know how to make it interesting. From polka dot printsto neon stripes, the list is never ending. Bikinis have a world of their own. But, The after bikini outfits like sheer maxis, tubegowns and crochet dresses were quite trending. It’s not just the bikini that matters; it’s the post water outfit that completes your beach swimbag.

GREEK FASHION Fashion, Greece And Me!

Flip-flops or flat pumps are suitable forms of footwear according to the terrain and sandy beaches. While on the beach, you can put accessories like hats and Grecian flowery headgear in your bag to get some interesting pictures on the beach.

fashion in greece 5 Fashion, Greece And Me!

fashion in greece 6 Fashion, Greece And Me!

If I think of Greece, the first thing that comes to my mind is royalty accredited to the Greek Gods.  But, royalty does not always mean flashy. Even the Greek gods and goddesses followed sobriety as their main style quotient. Pastels, whites and light colors are the main colors, which should be worn. People are quite laidback with their sense of style in Mykonos. With the kind of weather, mostly casual clothing like shorts, maxis, tank tops in light colors is what people wear everywhere in Mykonos.

GREECE FASHION Fashion, Greece And Me!

There is no dress code particularly for day and night. That is actually an advantage because you don’t need to change your clothes for the whole day, no matter where you are. Ignorant and carefree attitude of people is what makes it fun. You can wear anything and everything what comes under the tag of casual.

fashion in greece 8 Fashion, Greece And Me!

On the other hand, Athens is a metropolitan city just like Delhi or Mumbai with commercialization at its peak. Unlike Mykonos, you will see typical city traits of having a full-fledged transportation system, big malls, tall buildings and industrialization everywhere. Different from the casual Mykonos attitude, you need to be neat and presentable while in Athens. Women can wear nice summer dresses and team it up with accessories and high heels.You need not be impeccable in your dressing style, but do maintain a certain formal element.

fashion in greece 7 Fashion, Greece And Me!

You don’t need a lot of things to fall in love with this place. Greece will make you fall in love with its food, its fashion and its natural beauty. I had an incredible experience and I believe it’s worth visiting. Somewhere in the blue and white mazes, and the picturesque view, I wanted to get lost and explore this heaven on earth.

GREECE TOUR Fashion, Greece And Me!

But, there should always be something you need to come back for and I definitely have a lot of reasons to come back to this paradise.As we all know that if you don’t travel, you have just read one page of life.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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