Who do you think really can be blamed for Draupadi’s vastraharan? Yudhishtr who bet Draupadi or Duryodhan who won her as an object in the game of dice?

In the new Mahabharat, we recently saw how Draupadi was brutally dragged in the rajya sabha and how Dushashan like a despo rapist tried to disrobe her. To our surprise, Karna added fuel to fire to such an adharm only for the sake of his revenge – Remember Draupadi called him a sutra putra in her swayamvar and refused to marry her?

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But do you think Kauravas were really responsible for Draupadi’s fate? Wasn’t it the mistake of Yudhishtr to bet Draupadi, his wife in the very first place? Well, if Yudhishtr considers Draupadi as an object and bets her in a game of dice, then Duryodhan being the winner of the game as well as the object don’t you think so had every right to do anything to the winning booty?

Where on earth does ethics and moral come into picture when the stones are already rolling in an unethical zone?

In addition, we see Pandavas are called followers of Dharm while Kauravas had always been Adharmi. So when Dharmi attempts adharm, how can you expect dharm from the adharmis, that is the Kauravas? I saw Bhishma Pitama, Vidur and Guru Drona crying and almost begging in front of Duryodhan for leaving Draupadi alone.

Well, I still don’t understand – Why they did not request Yudhishtr to stop the game when the question of betting Draupadi was raised in a petty game of dice that too with a manipulator like Duryodhan and his super-manipulator mamashri Shakuni?

Duryodhan was a bad boy so obvious he didn’t listen to them but Yudhishtr for them was a good boy. Don’t you think they should have asked Yudhishtr to stop his nonsense of betting people in the game of dice? What were they doing then?

Moreover, how Yudhishtr had the right to bet a woman’s honour, dignity and character in front of devils like Duryodhan and Dushashan? If he really had the guts to do that, can you really blame Duryodhan for Draupadi’s infamous vastraharan?

By: Deepti Verma

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