The constant fear of foreverhood has not let any of us live our present.

As life stepped into its twenties

my raised conscience pulled out The Coward within me,

The Coward who I wasn’t alone possessed with,

only that that the unconsciousness prevailed around in beings.

But, I’m finally glad to have encountered The Coward

whom, had I not met with, I would have perished in constant fear,

The fear of uncertain forever-hood

fear1 Fear Of Uncertain Foreverhood

Thankfully, The Coward spilled out

how impassioned the course of my life has been,

that I lost things way before I actually did

that I worried partings before they really parted

that I overprotected relations before I could simply protect

that I desired forever-hood before I could live my present

Yes, The Coward finally helped me identify the fear,

that has so long been talking a toll on my present,

the fear of uncertain forever-hood


Strangely, the coward I ran into

turned out to be my own face, Haha, my own face.

And I’s lucky enough to meet her much before

she could destroy my present more.

What was more to my realization was the fact

that others around too ruined their present

that others around too juggled with their two selves

one, they themselves

two, their own coward spirit

which embodied

The fear of uncertain forever-hood


By Prerna Daga

The article was originally published here

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