Contemporary Bollywood at its best – these scenes from iconic hindi movies churned deep emotions within us. Watch  these stellar scenes and recapture those emotions.

Ever wondered what makes a movie a blockbuster? Which factors work out in the success of a movie? The reply is- moments. Those small moments that stays with us long after we leave the dark theatre and come out in the open. Such moments are the small binding factors that weave magic on the celluloid making a cult movie leaving their imprints on our mind and soul forever. Our very own Bollywood is famous for such small moments and dialogues. From Sholay’s violent moments to Chupke Chupke’s funny moments, to Yaadon Ki Baarat’s climax moments, they have all become epic moments in Bollywood. But what we cherish the most are the feel-good moments, which add on to the unique factor of a movie. This article just lists ten of the best feel good moments of Hindi films. As you finish reading it, it is sure to make you feel better and remind you of those wonderful moments that somewhere had awakened a deep desire inside you to witness one such moment in real life.

10. Jab We Met- The last kiss

By the time this movie released, Kareena and Shahid’s break up was national news. The buzz was so high that most of us went inside the dark theatre only to watch the ex lovebirds for the last time together. But what took us by shock and then charmed us was the chemistry! With their previous films together being 36 China Town and Fida, audiences did not expect much sense in the story. But this film, everything about it went to create history. Geet became a phenomenon and her “Mai apni favorite hoon” was on every girl’s lips. The best part about his movie? The kiss at the climax. We all smiled within and really hoped this couple would get back together, given such a long and beautiful kiss. That never happened. But the reruns on television can glue millions of viewers even today. What a kiss, it was!

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9. Veer Zaara, When SRK’s Veer lifts Preity’s Zaara while crossing the bridge.

A  typical Yash Chopra romance has to be an epic, right? This film, though a tad long, was a perfect blend of all the right ingredients needed to make a successful love story. It had happy moments, intense moments, sad moments, love, longing, pain, separation and then unison. But what was the most beautiful scene in the love story? Preity Zinta in a white and orange suit against the backdrop of Punjab and SRK lifting her. Unspoken words, silence and those expressive eyes longing to be with each other and never reach the destination. We all crossed our fingers and hoped that squadron leader Veer Pratap Singh would profess his love to Zaara before she left for Pakistan.

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8. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu- Gubbare song

Aasma se base bhar bhar ke, neele peele har colour ke, to khele jee bhar ke”. We instantly feel lighter. This movie was high on fresh content and the ending was a welcome change from age old Bolly flicks. Who thought such an unusual pairing could strike the right chords with the audience? This song is truly the soul of the movie. Kareena as Rianna taking out Imran as Rahul on her birthday with hardly a few dollars in the pocket in a city like Las Vegas. What do we expect? Only window shopping? No way. This song is fun and the two have an awesome day on the streets of Vegas. The best part of the song is when Rahul takes Rianna car smashing after a “tumhe cheezein todne ka bahut shaukh hai na?” and then the two screaming their hearts out. This is how we actually define a ‘feel good’ moment.


7. Climax of Rang De Basanti

This movie became the cult youth movie of the entire decade. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s debut was such a huge hit because it showed the two sides of our country- the India that we are living in and the India we want to live in. The ‘take home’ moment of the film? The climax, undoubtedly. Remember that scene in the office of All India Radio where the star cast reaches to confess that they were the rebels. What a heart touching scene! Enclosed in the four walls of the office, waiting for death to dawn over, the young boys hug each other for the last time. The best part was the unison of age old enemies, Atul Kulkarni and Kunal Kapoor just moments before death. They fought till their last breath, but ultimately had to give up to their fate. No one ever has depicted friendship on the silver screen like this. Hats off!

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6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – The Hrithik- Katrina kiss

Bollywood has always been shy of lip locks. But not when Katrina rides a bike, stops a car and kisses her heart out in front of everybody and then leaves with a parting note, “Mujhe afsos karna nahi ata”. Surprised, we were. Ever since the two met on the beach, those eyes had been talking a lot. In those moments where Hrithik and his friends bid goodbye to the ladies, we were secretly hoping the two would confess their feelings about each other. Only moments later we thanked the director for not going the usual Bolly style and giving us what is called Bollywood’s longest kiss. Those stretches of long, deserted roads of Spain, Katrina with that sun kissed glow and Hrithik’s drool worthy features made the kiss find a firm place on the 6th position in this list.

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5. Chak de India- the final goal.

This movie, we have to admit, changed our views towards hockey forever, and yes women playing hockey. We all knew how the movie would end, yet even today when we watch the movie, that final match between India and Australia give us goose bumps. I remember, after I came out watching this movie, for many days I could not forget that expression on coach Kabir Khan’s face after captain Vidya saved the last penalty stroke by Australia. What a fine acting! We, for a moment, forgot that it was a directed and choreographed match and felt as if the girls really had brought home the World Cup. Moments like these are what makes a movie memorable.

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4. Kal Ho Naa Ho- When Preity confronts SRK.

A three hour long movie and yet not a single moment managed to bore us. It was actually tough picking one single moment from this cult Dharma Productions movie, but this moment had to be on the list, when Naina confronted Aman under Brooklyn Bridge after getting to know about his disease. A few words spoken, yet the impact was massive. Selfless love got a new name in Aman and the character went on to be etched in the minds of Indian audiences forever. Sad endings always score better than happy endings with people because we are always looking for some melodrama. This moment had it all. And again the moment that perhaps will be etched in eternal threads when Naina prayed for a little light from the Almighty with snowflakes descending on a grey dusk. Poignant and lyrical-it was!

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3. Highway- When Alia finds the house of her dreams

Veera Tripathi, played by Alia Bhatt, looks so innocent right from the first scene that we wanted to take her home. During the initial scenes when the characters were being developed, we came to know Veera’s obsession about deserted places and a house on the hills. She gets to live the life she had always wanted to, all thanks to her kidnapper, who in actuality offers her the much required freedom. But that scene towards the end where Veera finds the little house of wooden planks atop the mountain, she feels her life is complete. That scene was priceless! She cooks Maggi for Mahabir and takes care of him like a baby. Never before we have seen such an unique movie and after Jab We Met, we all kind of knew, Imtiaz Ali tells stories like nobody else. Later in the movie, Veera decides to spend the rest of her life in that house. Very touching!

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2. Barfi- Aashiyan

This movie was like a magic. Everything about this movie was loved and adores by millions of Indians. Anurag Basu created a totally different world and not for a single moment did we feel pity for the protagonists who were ‘special’ people. Aashiyan, the song, particularly, was a beautiful way to show the world of Barfi and Jhilmil and how happy they were together, even with just the basic utilities in life and in tune with their imperfections. I can never seem to have enough of this song and every time I watch it, I love fall in love with Kolkata all over again. Such pure and unadulterated love and bonding they share. “Khwabon ke tinko se chal banayein aashiyan”!

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1. Wake Up Sid- When that first drop of rain falls on Ranbir’s face

I was in a dilemma which one to put in the first position, and then zeroed on this one. Ranbir Kapoor has never looked so handsome and cute ever and the chemistry with Konkona was just the one this movie needed. This movie has so many magical moments that it was difficult to select any one. Every scene of the movie is worth writing pages about. But this one, where Ranbir, after reading the article, realizes that Konkona was in love with him and hugs the magazine and just then monsoon arrives and the first drop of rain falls on his face was just out of the world. It beyond words and Ayan Mukherjee became my instant favourite! I so wished for a sequel to this movie.

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These were the 10 best feel good moments in Hindi cinema I have ever come across. It is for these moments I want to watch the films again and again.


By Titli Basu

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