Bohra community has been and is till date practicing the ghastly unlawful act of female genital mutilation for the sake of their blind irrational belief.

The malpractice of FGM dates back to the Islam. The belief has been that India today, unlike Africa is virgin and untouched from such unlawful and heinous feat done to the woman community. But, unfortunately India too is tandem to Africa. Just that, it wasn’t unveiled ever. And now, reposed brevity and fearlessness within the victimized women had awakened and is speaking out aloud in the country to shelter them who can be victims in future.

What is FGM?

In Bohra community, FGM has been a prevalent custom. This orthodox community has a dogmatic perception that clitoris (an elongated organ drooping down in female mammals) is a useless part of body which only contributes to more sexual energy and astray married women to wantonness. To impede women from committing such sin, the ancestral women from Bohra community established this moronic and unjust custom of inhumanly chopping off the clitoris, and much to our dismay, this deep-seated abhorrent practice could not be abolished yet.

The says from FGM’S victims

mariya tahir Female Genital Mutilation – Malpractice Yet Widespread In India

masooma renalvi Female Genital Mutilation – Malpractice Yet Widespread In India

nusrat bharucha Female Genital Mutilation – Malpractice Yet Widespread In India


Not I, you and those who have not been through it would realize the intensity of pain caused to female kids when subjected to it. Room as dark as black, undoing your pants and shrieking shrilly under ineffable pain when ripped off is your very own delicately-crafted body  part, in short, is what every sufferer had been through. With dismal heart, I might have written but only those who have been victimized are accustomed to that real ugly pain, which I pray no woman in future gets familiar with.

In the light of this erupted clamor, hope these women, who finally summoned up the courage to break off their silence, put a permanent full-stop to the plight of women from Bohra community.

By Prerna Daga

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