From her maddening passion for arrows to her sweet fantasies about the love of her life, Devasena’s personality exudes out spot on feminism.

“Feminism”- the word is generally associated with intolerance or malpractices with regards to women – all negative approaches. But feminism in itself is very positive. It enfolds a series of emotions and traits of a  women empowering her while sticking to her basic natural instincts and Bahubali’s female protagonist- Devasena- stands as a perfect example of it. 
devasena Feminism  The Real Definition

Playing a role of a warrior with exquisite arrow fights and bold moves, Devasena portrays a character which is self sufficient in itself. She is confident and a lover of skills. Her practicing sessions with bow and arrows shows the deep level of commitment and sincerity that she possess. So when we figure out such a character especially played by a women, they are shown to be strong and just not involved in stuffs like love and marriage. However, feminism is not distinct of the two traits. In addition to the strong warrior capabilities, Devasena has her own fantasies for the love of her life( the fabulous ship portrays the fantasies of Devasena in a brilliant manner). And yes, this is feminism. Just because I love arrows and kill wild animals, doesn’t mean that I do not think of love and marriage. 

maharani devasena Feminism  The Real Definition

Another beautiful trait of Devasena is that she stood for right, no matter what. Her principles were clear and she did not let any kind of person objectify or disrespect her womanhood in any manner. Although she was pregnant she had the courage of teaching a lesson to a person who was using his powers to touch women unnecessarily. Standing by herself( and not acting like the damsel in distress ) is what signifies the true meaning of feminism. The movie has fantastically captured all these essential traits portraying a real women.

And trust me, scripts are not fantasy. This has been evolved by a person who has carefully studied women and feminism and beautifully brought it in front of the public. The whooping success in the box office stands true to the fact, that public are actually embracing the character of Devasena and feminism in the true manner.

By Shivangi Varma
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