Conception to delivery is one life (First Deliverance). The second life is from delivery to death or the Second Deliverance after which another life starts.

We are all conceived in our mothers’ wombs. After conception, we become foetuses and we grow by that name in our respective mothers’ wombs. After spending a more or less pre-assigned time in the womb, we, in the majority of cases, are ejected out naturally. (In a few cases, medical intervention is necessitated either on health or on some other grounds.) We call that ‘delivery of a child’ and the pain the mother undergoes in the process, the ‘labor or delivery pain’.

Now let us define the time, every fetus spends or resides within the mother’s womb, as the life-span of fetus in womb. We can then say that delivery of a child signifies the death of one’s existence as foetus and the beginning of a life as a non-foetus.  The new-born baby has no memory of its previous existence when it lived as an embryo or in an embryonic form. According to me, the fetus too experiences pain like its mother and there is a correlation between the two pains.

fetus evolution in womb A Reflection On Human Existence

Now let us consider the conception as the first reference point in our journey on earth and our birth or delivery from the womb as the second reference point. After birth, we grow on earth, as a foetus grows in mother’s womb, sustained by mother earth using our own mothers as different mediums. We pass time on earth nourished by food, water and air that come from earth. The time we spend in this way on earth is termed the life-time, life-span or simply longevity. And when we breathe our last, we all go into (the womb of) earth. (Here, earth means the entire ecosystem of water, land and air.) The name assigned to that is Death. Is death the finality of our existence in human form? Is it the end of everything? Does life end with death or death is the beginning of a new life about which we know nothing? I have no clue to that third stage of our lives.

death is inevitable A Reflection On Human Existence

It is possible that like the fetus in the mother’s womb, we all move on to another life, which is beyond this earthly life. If we assume that we have another living form after death, that form, in my thinking is not what we were on earth. That would be someone else or some other entity.

The only thing I know after we die is: we disintegrate into molecules and atoms at cremation grounds, burial grounds or in some other way. Therefore, the death of an individual can be looked upon as a deliverance from the life on earth similar to the deliverance of the fetus from the mother’s womb. And every such deliverance (birth of child or death of a person) is accompanied by pain, except a few who may go through the process with a little or no pain. If this theory is correct, then surely and certainly, not all the information that is stored in our bodies including our brains are destroyed or lost at the time of death. A portion of it, at least, must survive. There must be a mechanism by which we rise again from these so-called ashes.

mothers womb A Reflection On Human Existence

To summarize, conception to delivery is one life (First Deliverance). The second life is from delivery to death or the Second Deliverance after which another life starts. But what kind of life that third life is, I have no idea, whatsoever. Will we pass on to light, to darkness, to dawn or dusk? What will be its essential nature? Will it be one life like the one on earth or the one in the mother’s womb? Or, there will be many lives? I can not enumerate. I can not furnish any details of that life. From the view point of this third life, our life on earth can be likened to the life of fetus inside the womb of its mother.

We can also ask where we were before we started our existence in mother’s womb.  In principle, it should be possible to go back in time from conception, like we did a forward in time after conception. If we succeed in that, the life-loop will be complete. But, I do not know if that loop will be closed or open.

If we can know, through any vision or otherwise, what life will be after deliverance from here, we will possess the complete knowledge of the mystery of life and death.



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