Modi’s personal attacks and threats to the Gandhi & Vadra family seem to have rubbed Priyanka Vadra Gandhi the wrong way.

Is the sudden burst of energy in Priyanka Gandhi an indication of her playing a martyr, seeing the writing on the wall for the Congress post the Lok Sabha elections 2014?

Most political observers would like to believe that. But I have a strong feeling that at this crucial stage of the election, her spunk, particularly in defending almost an indefensible Robert Vadra, is an indication of a larger role for this gutsy fighter of the Gandhi family. The fact that she has gone on the offensive against Narendra Modi whose larger than life image portrayed by the media has almost convinced even him that this image is for real is not baffling. To me the surprise is that this spark came almost very late. Her playing the martyr card sometimes reminds me of Arvind Kejriwal. But after this a thrust a day between Modi and Priyanka, where is Kejriwal anyway?

Modi Touches a Nerve

The grim warnings of Modi and his supporters to the Gandhi family that they would be taken care of after his victory may now backfire on the BJP. Even Modi is now making conciliatory statements that whatever action he will take will be within the laid down legal system and not as personal vendetta. The latest jibe of Priyanka that the BJP leaders are now scurrying like rats takes care of a lot of ‘rats’.

One, it will provoke either the Sangh Parivar or its associates like Swami Ramdev to make some indecent comment against women which will consolidate the women’s votes across the country.

Secondly, it will prevent any more rats from the sinking Congress ship to jump into the hands of the BJP waiting gleefully to grab any and every rat that comes to it to get it the majority.

Thirdly, this will hurt the latest pied piper of Indian politics Aam Aadmi Party whose caller tune has in the past attracted a lot of new voters to go down the path of hara-kiri with him.

The hints of an alliance between the Third Front and the Congress are also an indication that for Modi and Company, Delhi is still too far till the last vote is polled. Whatever the future of the country, the BJP seems to have thoroughly miscalculated its strategy by trying to attack the Vadra connection to put the Gandhis on the defensive. The strategy seems to have boomeranged as it has brought out the fighter in Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who is proving that her resemblance to her grandmother Indira Gandhi (hailed as Durga by their most iconic leader Atal Behari Vajpayee once) is not just facial.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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