Wherever Krishna & Akshay Kumar are together in ‘It’s Entertainment’, it is Krishna who gets claps from the audiences, and not AK!

Having sat through three hours of Sajid- Farhad directed ‘Entertainment’ audiences are coming out wondering whether a film starring Akshay Kumar could be so miserable.

The Sajid- Farhad duo which is also responsible for writing the dialogues of the film is doubly culpable. Audiences who watch films now in PVRs were wondering whether they were back in 70s, watching a B- grade film trying to get out forced laughter from a bored audience.

its entertainment krishna Was Its Entertainment made for Krishna?

Till the interval Akshay Kumar seems competing with Krishna who is a stand-up comedian in his own right and Krishna’s dialogue delivery is better than the hero Akshay Kumar for this kind of cinema. True, AK is a star attraction at Box- office and has been given a beautiful heroine in Tamannnaah Bhatia to romance around and given action sequences where he excels but all that is tool little and too late.

Wherever the Krishna and AK are together it is Krishna who gets the claps from the audiences. Even Mithun Chakraborthy in a guest role gets more lusty cheers than AK. There are two villains Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood but keeping with the spirit of the film they are also indulging in pure comedy which is not the forte of at least Sonu Sood.

There are actions sequences and chases in Bangkok to prolong the film and give Akahay Kumar a chance to show off his skill but he is over shadowed by the antics of the Dog. The audiences will miss nothing if they walk in the interval but they remain seated only tickets are very expensive and for the pop- corns and cold drinks.

To my mind this film is a total miscast. It appears the film has been produced by Ramesh Taurani to promote Krishna and all the others including AK are there as support cast. My own choice for this kind of comedy would have been Govinda who could match Krishna dialogue for dialogue. AK is better suited for films where he gets a mischievous or slightly villainous kind of role not a comedy where dialogue delivery happens most.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Akshay Kumar

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