Abul Mali, Sharif-ud-Din, Akbar, Sujamal are all linked in the upcoming track of Jodha Akbar. Yet again, Jodha become the cause…

Jodha Akbar’s story was initially like the daily TV soap with lot of masala, daily fights and saas bahu mach-mach. While, it continues to be like that, the siyasat side of the serial is more or less like a feature film where the villain plans, the person who is a friend turns out to be foe in disguise, and together they plan to kill the protagonist.

But, then out from nowhere comes a well wisher of the protagonist who is successful in saving him but unfortunately falls in trap where he is termed “conspirator.”

Jodha Akbar1 The filmy angle of Villian Hero Well Wisher in Jodha Akbar

This same story applies to Jodha Akbar as well. The villain is Abul Mali, the foe in disguise is Sharif-Ud-Din, the protagonist is Akbar and the well wisher is Sujamal. The foe in disguise is helping the villain so that he gets the hero’s girl that is Jodha but the well wisher just cannot let him take the advantage of the situation.

Not to forget the well wisher doesn’t know that the foe in disguise Sharif-Ud-Din is a partner in crime. Unfortunately, at the scene of the crime he is caught in a situation that makes him the culprit. Ooh, aah, ouch…

While, Sujamal escapes from the scene, I wonder what cautions will Sharif-Ud-Din take to get him back as a prisoner and put all the blame on him. Erstwhile, the question remains whether Jodha and Akbar’s happy relation will continue to be happy after this incident or not.

Thriller, suspense, twists and lot of turns is expected in the coming episodes. It’s good to see that the serial is moving beyond the women angle and focusing on the men for a change.

By: Deepti Verma

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