This is India, the largest demo-crazy in the world. It is sorry to say that what we urgently need is “the final solution to our political question”.

When we are traveling through the National Capital Delhi in a train during the morning hours, we will not be stunned to find hundreds of people sitting in the suburbs as if they are sitting in the ‘Chinthan Baithak’ of some political party. Actually they are engaged in their morning routines. They are sitting in the same places where their fathers and grandfathers used to sit during their life time. Our politicians are satisfied that their governance is so effective to let our penniless populace to follow such traditional customs even during the era of economic miracle. Incredible India! The nation is cruising forward to become an economic superpower, according to the government and its media partners. The poor man of New Delhi is still sitting in the open doing latrine with a news paper in his hand with the headlines of ‘Incredible India’, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.  We don’t know whether they are counting the number of heads sitting in that open field doing latrine as the scale to measure economic prosperity.

delhi suburbs poor The Need For A “Final Solution Of The Political Question”

So that is what our governments are doing for some time. The Goebbelsian tactic of propagating the mirage that India is becoming rich, prosper and developed, forcing even the poorest man to believe that his family is also being ‘taken care of’ by their adored politicians. Sure, they have been taken care of and that is why they are still living in that same old shack since independence. The role of successive governments turn out to be to make everyone understand the urgent necessity of facilitating the ‘underprivileged’ Multi National Corporations to amass more wealth through perfectly planned policy measures and at the same time, the celebrated democratic government never fails to present the illusive utopian image of an inclusive ‘prosperous nation’ to be imposed to the mindset of the poor. Hence the country’s poor always cry for the rich, but the rich always seize the opportunity to laugh.

And where the fourth estate is concentrated? They are focusing on the programs of National Importance like the one held in the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, remembering Afzal Guru on his death anniversary and spreading the sense of freedom and satisfaction that the conduct of such a program would bestow.

JNU Anti Inida slogans The Need For A “Final Solution Of The Political Question”

Everybody deliberately forget that the common men need a life to survive before being imposed sufficient amount of freedom by the modernist non-traditionalists. But Mr. Kumar, the emerging Young Turk, discovered that under the Bharatheeya Janatha Party government, people are not getting enough freedom to start peace-less riots. But why is Afzal Guru? Simple, it is controversial, sure chance to attract media.  For that purpose what need to be done is to just be awkward, a little bit non-traditional, somehow show some aggressive anti-government attitude with a light cover of anti-nationalism. The objective is to show that you are different. It is simple when such a ‘Hindutwa dictatorship’ is at the helm and their student wing has decided to serve the nation by shouldering the greatest responsibility of being the nationalist police. The winner of this crooked political game is certainly the one who uses such Machiavellian tactic to deliberately exploit the brainlessness of the self-portrayed nationalists for his own political launch. Mr.  Kumar became an overnight star.

With only one Member of Parliament and tens of crores of party members across the nation, the gerontocracy leadership of Communist Party of India (CPI) and the entire left wing including the ‘extreme Communist’ CPI (Marxist), were searching for an able, young and vibrant leader who can productively  raise the common Indian’s day-to-day issues like lack of freedom, self-governance to Kashmir, United State’s bombing in Syria, increased government control in universities and the abolition of death penalty. Mr. Kumar just lighted the lamp and the entire left leadership who were wandering in the darkness of bourgeois democracy searching the ‘Socialist Communist path to future’, just need to follow the footsteps of their new vibrant leader.

Kanhaiya Kumar jnu The Need For A “Final Solution Of The Political Question”

Unfortunately they were not alone behind Mr. Kumar. The earliest bourgeoisie enemy of the Communists who practiced and implemented capitalism in the nation thousands of years back, the legendary Indian National Congress, all of a sudden seemed to have understood their mistakes of the past. They are also eager to get more and more ‘freedom’ as if they don’t know how it feels like.  They have now become the apostle of socialist values, thanks to the camaraderie with the communists. And thus the celebrated party also chose to follow the footsteps of Mr. Kumar as if their own young leadership is impotent to deliver the desired results. Each step of the new leader and his followers were closely monitored by the media and cameras were set up to give live feed on the next event to the news-hungry people of the nation. Their news rooms were set for the Great Debate, the debate on what Mr. Kumar will do next, whether he will drink tea or coffee.

rahul gandhi stands with jnu The Need For A “Final Solution Of The Political Question”

The common man’s family is fascinated by the turn of the events. Even though the family is not having wheat to make Chapattis for the evenings (they now used to buy Pizza to avoid all the effort of making food), not having a stable income to refurbish their petite shelter, not having even a toilet to make use in the mornings, every member is eager and curious to know the result of Mr. Kumar’s war for freedom. The family has the Television-Dish of one of the MNCs as the one and only family asset which is fixed to a set of bamboo poles in the brick supported torn sheet roof, set straight up towards our own Satellite in the sky to get uninterrupted signals of the exciting news.  

So this is the socio-political arena in neo-India. The government elected by the people is taking every possible measure to ease the development of the already developed which has become the primary goal of every government. Certainly not to blame the diligent government, they are also doing everything to linger the underdeveloped to lurk in their own state of affairs by giving enough space and facilities to take their own breaths using their own noses.

The main opposition is still wandering in the jungles of parliamentary democracy in search of issues to strangle the government and is forced to hijack the most significant questions raised by M. Kumar and co., to sustain their credibility. The atheists, the left, already sacrificed their head in the sacredness of religious institutions praying for their political revival and were blessed with the emergence of the neo-God in Mr. Kumar who is here to help the cause of the poor people. The common man is enjoying the drama, unknowingly playing the central character of the Corpse of the Joker, the screenplay of which is written by the consensus committee of all the politicians representing every political party and directed by the head of the government. This is India, the largest demo-crazy in the world. It is sorry to say that what we urgently need is “the final solution to our political question”.


I, Ganesh Hariprakash, am a Research Scholar in the Department of National Security Studies, Central University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir. The views expressed are strictly personal.

 By Ganesh Hariprakash

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