Finding Fanny is a not to be missed film for those who love good cinema and good acting without the frills of action sequences or hi- tech music

Watch this film as soon as you can because it may not stay very long in cinema halls. It is a film in the good old-fashioned mould when time was not important. And the modern modes of communication like e-mails were not heard of.

That is why the binding point of the plot is a letter that Fredie (Naseeruddin Shah) the local postman in a quiet village of Goa called Pocolim wrote to his beloved Fanny which remained undelivered for 46 years and comes back to him.

The young widow of the village Angie (Deepika Padukone) is the only one who understands him and it is she who proposes that they embark on a trip to find his beloved.

The other passengers on this trip are Rosie (Dimple Kapadia) the mother- in- law of Angie who has her own secrets, Savio (Arjun Kapoor) who had left the village after Angie married their common friend Ranvir Singh who appears in a cameo role and Don Pedro (Pankaj Kapoor) the local artist who lusts for Rosie and who lends his car for the journey so that they could be together on the trip.

finding fanny 02 Finding Fanny : Fanny Is Inside All Of Us

The journey of this motley crowd on its mission to find Fanny turns out to be discovery of the self for all these characters. The most bitter lesson of course is reserved for the emotional, shy and lovelorn Fredie.

In a delightful scene which is partly black comedy and partly self-realisation, Fredie sees his Fanny when she is being taken in a hearse after four marriages. And when he asks her daughter whether she had ever talked about him she mentions about 10 names but Fredie figures nowhere in the list.

It is only after this that Fredie comes to the realization that Rosie could be as good a substitute for Fanny. Only he had not thought of it. She reciprocates in a drunken scene that Fredie was a good fellow because he had kept her secret.

Her lover Don Pedro dies in a bizarre accident and is thrown out of the car without the other passengers even realizing that he had been missing.

Squeezed in between this queer but endearing tale of the veteran actors of Bollywood is the blossoming of the love between a beautiful, silent and suffering Angie and Savio which completes the happy ending of the tale told so lovingly.

Finding Fanny is a not to be missed film for those who love good cinema and good acting without the frills of action sequences or hi- tech music that are becoming so much a part of Bollywood. The surprise is that the film comes from Homi Adajania who had earlier given us ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Being Cyrus’. Good variety.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

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