Be it Modi’s India or Manomohan’s India, corruption has shown up itself in both of their’s regime, trifling the nation’s symbol, parliament.

In last few days again news related to corruption has rocked the parliament & nation as a whole. First the case of National Herald got the top place in the news item in which the president & vice president of great old national party have been involved. The winter session of Parliament is being wasted, session after session is adjourned on the plea of vendetta politics over the National Herald case. Congress leaders cannot escape from its responsibility to run the parliament. Law of the land must be allowed to take its own course. The matter is under subjudice .

national herald sonia rahul The Flame Of Corruption Is Ablaze In India

In last Parliament election Congress has sized into ever lowest height, mere 44 in numbers. Even then they are not ready to read writing on the wall. But at the same time BJP is too responsible for hurdle in smooth functioning of the parliament. Congress is doing the same thing what BJP has done in last two parliaments. Parliament is temple of democracy where arguments are made & consensus is forged to make rules & solve the national problems. But in recent years Parliament has been made captive on the whims of a few politicians. It is a dangerous trend for the healthy democracy. It must be stopped immediately.

Parliament The Flame Of Corruption Is Ablaze In India
Second event is raid by CBI in Delhi CM’s office, principal secretory. Arvind Kejariwal attacked Prime Minister by the words like coward and psychopath. It is very unfortunate. PM is symbolized in the nation. Such type of words utterance by Delhi CM should be condemned vividly. But on the other hand it is also true that CBI has been used by different political party for political end. Even Apex court of the land has termed it as parrot. As long as CBI or other investigation agency will be working under politicians, it will be impossible that they will work independently. Can any person work against his master? Certainly not. So let parrot be made free. The time has come to make CBI free. It should be an autonomous body like Election Commission. Let it work like FBI. Let it report to parliament. But can our great politician do it?

kejriwal modi The Flame Of Corruption Is Ablaze In India
Lastly name of FM Jaitley has appeared in the DDCA scandal. BJP should ask him to resign to keep high morale of the office like FM. BJP in general & Modi in particular has been claiming as the party of difference. But there is a remote chance that FM will step down. Earlier too we have seen VYAPAM & Lalit gate in which nothing has been done. Modi should understand why his popularity graph has been deteriorating fast as is evident from Delhi & Bihar election. He should prove by action that he is intolrent to corruption. About twenty months passed when he was crowned with much fun & fare, but result at least in home front is not remarkable.It is expected that BJP, Modi & Congress will do all their best in coming period to fulfill the aspirations of common men.

arun jaitley hindu saffron bullies The Flame Of Corruption Is Ablaze In India

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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