Uncommon foreign terms such as Dialectic materialism and the proletarians in India etc. are being used to glorify communism. Is there any way out?

Some leftist and media collaborators especially Bengali intellectuals whom you see on the daily national evening circus on TV called debates are using uncommon foreign terms such as Dialectic materialism and the proletarians in India etc. to glorify communism. I am an ordinary Bengali who was born in Kolkata. However, most of my student as well as adult life was spent outside the city of joy. I have seen and extremely traveled other parts of India and I can very well claim that I was not the typical Bengali intellectual (should I dare to say frog in a well) who was more concerned about what was happening in Nicaragua than rising lawlessness in West Bengal. 

Although it may sound stereotype but let me describe a typical comrade. A Bengali between the age of 24 to 40, a chain smoker who wears Jeans, a Khadi kurta, Hawaii Chappal, uneven beard (French cut even better) and always carries a cotton bag in which he has several books from manifesto of communist party to the collection of poems by Bengali leftist poet Sukanta. Sounds like our man; yes, he is and people like him were created in millions soon after the independence and especially that creation process was hastened after the death of the great leader Dr. Vidhan Chandra Roy (The greatest chief minister West Bengal ever had).

typical bengali man How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal

I have carefully chosen the word “created” because I can write a book on how a gullible young boy can be brainwashed and instigated using the victim card and turned into a dedicated myopic comrade. I have seen that creation process in front of my own eyes for over three decades.

I read Dialectic materialism, Das Kapital, Manifesto of communist party and many other such books when such comrades tried to brain wash me. They could not because I was an avid reader and I also read the atrocities and mass killing committed by the communist parties all over the world from Gulag, Bolshevik revolution, Mao Tsetung’s long march to many more. I predicted that time (though I was very young) this particular idea would ruin West Bengal, which used to be number one state in India. Their perpetual enemy Congress is now their allies in West Bengal. 

das kapital How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal
Just want to know who is a proletarian here who has nothing to lose but chains? Are these communist leaders who lead five-star luxury life style afraid of drifting into oblivion? All bunch of hypocrites. Left leaning media especially in West Bengal should have some substance in their reporting. Using some uncommon terms and lies in reports is not journalism and can be best described as idiotic cliche.

communism tyranny How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal
This is the pathetic state of journalism in India. They know how to play the propaganda game and the victim card well. They think people will be impressed by their uncommon foreign words and lies.

journalism is dead How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal

People who think critically know how flawed the doctrine of communism is.  As per their definition I am an imperialist bourgeoisie, so I want to apprise them of the profound truth of life. As long as there are strong and weak people, as long as there are intelligent and dumb people; there will be exploiters and exploited.

When the proletarians get the power the worse form of exploitation starts and all the communist countries from Cyprus to China have extremely turbulent past. Same thing happened in West Bengal. Thousands of people were mass murdered in rural West Bengal by the anti-social forces (local people call them Hamard Bahini) created by the left.

west bengal politics How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal

There is no such thing call communist revolution. It’s just some kind of romanticism for losers and some brain washed low IQ people.

The solution is free market economy where everybody is encouraged to compete and the Government’s role is to create the necessary infrastructure and the environment to compete and grow. The recorded history of human civilization teaches us how free market economy not only created millions of jobs but also nurtured innovation and extreme technological progress though leftist historians have different views. The gifts of free market economy are so ubiquitous that one can find them everywhere from light bulbs to smartphones.

Regarding exploitation of people be it in the form of labor, economic or sexual favor or something else it is not possible to control one’s greed and lust with dogmas and doctrines. The only solution is to train a person to control one’s mind and senses to achieve higher purpose of life through noble deeds. When one’s mind is illuminated, he/she finds contentment in living. When the society as a whole strives for this higher purpose of existence, peace prevails and then only exploitation of all forms are eliminated.

This is the philosophy of Vedanta. I am glad that besides all those foreign books I also read Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo and others. My mind was indeed illuminated with such profound philosophies of our own land. 

vedanta in bengal How Flawed Foreign Dogma Ruined West Bengal
So, I chose to have my own world view based on our own Vedantic wisdom instead of having brainwashed to have a world view based on borrowed foreign dogma, which was proved over the years not only flawed but utterly impractical in the 21st century.

An imperialist bourgeoisie from Silicon Valley

By Amit Sarkar

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