The loopholes in the Food Security Bill and the corrupt practices going on in the state procurement agencies of Bihar have already been highlighted in the first two parts of this expose . Read on to understand better the politics working behind the huge scam.

In the last two parts of my exposé, I have clearly mentioned the work culture of the officers of Bihar State Food Corporation and Rice Mill Owners and the other sources of the vendors and traders involved in this scam. And after four months of hard work and grass root research for reaching to the main cause of this scam I have been put under pressure by the people involved in this scam. We were called upon by the people to compromise the case and also threatened for the same. But we decided to move ahead with our operation. We even filed an information report (sanha) in Ara court with its number 4247/13 to keep the court informed that we are being put under pressure by the culprits of the case to compromise.

Food Security Food Security Bill: Fodder for the Corrupt  Part 3

In the mean time I came to know about one more case of Food Corporation of India in Ara where two lots of rice mills with the lot numbers 60 and 71,  associated with Jai Mata Di Rice Mill and Khushi Rice Mill respectively, were  received on papers only by the FCI technical team. However the investigations on these lots are being carried out by the FCI Patna team. I contacted the senior officers of FCI in Patna and informed them about the recycling of food grains going on in the Bhojpur district. The time when I contacted the GM of FCI in Patna, I was asked by him whether my write up has been covered anywhere or not. So I just made them aware of my story on After that the then officer in charge of FCI in Ara contacted me on 31st October and came to Ara to meet me. When he met me in the evening of 31st October, he was carrying the printed copy of my story on in his hand and he said that I have made him a witness in this case as the story has all the details of his call recording referring to the confessions by him about the recycling of the grains. He also showed this story to other culprits of the case that his details have been mentioned in the story with his mobile number and call timings.

But even after the months the black marketing practices have not stopped here due to the lack of will of the officers of the State Nodal Agency, Bihar State Food Corporation. And soon in the next part I shall be also coming up with more minute details of this scam even in the Mid Day Meal Scheme and the black marketing of government supplied wheat.

By Anand Singh

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