Where would you draw the line or how far would you go just to make an extra buck?

Money makes the world go round. Too often in life we are forced to focus on the importance and great relevance of money. It’s just a piece of paper after all. Or is it? The importance accorded to that currency note can’t be compared to anything or anyone else!

What extent would you go to, to make that extra bit? Here’s what some crazy people around the world have done, and this is just a snippet!

Call Me Caitlyn!

You remember watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on TV right? While doing do you may have thought about what a sheer waste of time that particular reality TV show is. Remember Bruce, the kind of quiet ex-ace sports star who was always around like a side dish you can’t ignore but won’t completely finish? Well, call him Caitlyn now! Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce is now every bit the woman he apparently always wanted to be, though we know, he just did it for the publicity and the money.

Caitlyn What Would you Do for some Extra Money?

The Malaika Arora – Arbaz Khan Split Story

Just to endorse a brand, this 15 year married celebrity couple decided to shock readers and fans with a story of a split. Of course, while everyone was taken by storm, it was later revealed that they only did it as a publicity stunt of sorts for a skin cream. Would you put your love life through the doldrums for an extra buck? Keeping in mind you already have enough for yourself and your future generation too!

Arbaz Malaika What Would you Do for some Extra Money?


Insuring Her Derriere!

Jennifer Lopez, the so called multi-faceted singer cum actress cum dancer insured her fancy derriere for over a million dollars. She says its because this is one of her most important assets. Is this Money talking or just wise words?

Jennifer Lopez Insures Booty What Would you Do for some Extra Money?

Selling a Kidney or your Eggs!

Yes, people would go to any extent to get by! When really broke, a certain percent of young Americans and even people elsewhere have toyed with the option of selling their kidney or eggs for money! If the act is for a noble cause, we support you. But if you’re just doing it so you can buy the next iphone, you’re on your own mister!

Kidney for Money What Would you Do for some Extra Money?


A Fake Marriage

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were barely married when she filed for divorce. He insists the marriage itself was a sham on her part to increase viewership and TV ratings! So much for love!

Kim Kris Fake Marriage What Would you Do for some Extra Money?


Car Adverts

Your car is supposed to be your prized possession. Would you really be ok with someone painting an ad on it? Imagine driving by a fancy restaurant in your car that markets the sale of fast food or something irrelevant like that. Eesh.

Car Advertising What Would you Do for some Extra Money?


There are two kinds of women best avoided in the world – a soon to be bride aka bridezilla and pregnant women! With those racing hormones and intense mood swings, you better be on your best behaviour. But some women happily choose to undergo this phase not for love but for money. Hmmm. 9 months of body changes, mood swings and extreme labour pain for some bucks? No thank you!

Surrogacy What Would you Do for some Extra Money?


Permanent Tattoos on the Face or Body!

If your employer told you to tattoo their company name and logo on your body for a million dollars, would you do it? In Texas, a company asked its employees to do exactly that and most of them agreed!

Tattoo for Money What Would you Do for some Extra Money?

Didn’t get enough of this? Have a look at what people would do for money – Have a look at the video below !

By Paroma Sen

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