Forget family planning says Chandrababu Naidu. He echos what several BJP leaders have said in the recent past, albeit for different reasons

First the Fringe – Now Even Chandrababu Naidu Says So sakshi naidu FORGET FAMILY PLANNING?

  1. Over population is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems India faces. Successive governments, right from the 1960’s have sponsored various family planning programs as a means to control spiraling population to reduce pressure on limited resources.
  2. It is well known that India adds an Australia to its own population each year, so the national need for family planning is quite indubitable. Yet our netas have recently been falling over themselves to dismiss this longstanding national agenda in recent times.
  3. BJP MP Sakshi Mahraj, currently one of the BJP’s liabilities with his penchant for making grossly embarrassing and politically incorrect statements, has gone on record to say that each Hindu woman should have 4 children.
  4. Mahraj’s statement was apparently as response to those who are allegedly “advocating marriage of a girl to a girl, boy to another boy.” In his wisdom, he directs Hindu women to birth to “at least 4 children”. “Give one to sadhus and ascetics. Media says there are ceasefire violations happening, so send another to the border,” he was reported as having said. (Source – Indian Express)
  5. Four wasn’t enough for Birbhum BJP Joint District President Shymal Goswami, who went on record to say that Hindu women should bear 5 children to protect Hinduism and “Sanatan Dharma”. (Source – Indian Express)
  6. And if one dismissed these as the ranting of fringe elements promoting their own chauvinistic, hard line agendas, one would be wrong. One of the saner voices of our polity has echoed somewhat similar sentiments: Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is also of a view that family planning is passé; that Indians need to have more kids.
  7. Though I advocated family planning earlier and I myself limited my family to a son, I find that there is not much benefit due to it now“, Naidu said about family planning. This Naidu’s solution for preventing India becoming a aging country like Japan.
  8. babu modi cartoon FORGET FAMILY PLANNING?In 1970, 13% of married women in India used contraception. This number rose to 49% by 2009. Most would call this progress. A significant proportion of our netas apparently do not think so.

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