An excuse to escape work is ‘Bharat Bandh’

bandh strike Free Ka Holiday is Bharat Bandh

Why this bandh? Can any body explain it? In one word calling bandh but in other word politicians are engaging their party men in exchange of some bread & butter, putting obstruction on the road and railway track. Our govt remained kept mum and inactive to clear these hooligans, in one action, shoot at sight. To move and run in  smooth manner, we, our country must think on this issue. I will suggest to all my country men ( not any politicians or their party men) to come out from their home/house and beat up all these hooligans & nonsense politicians mercylessly till they commit not to repeat this in future. It affects economy,transport, jobs & emergency works of our country. We should not tolarate all this and promise to clean all such issuses in one go. I will again request all my country men to come out and uproot this deep-seated dirty politics from the country and  then think over cleaniness of garbage. Because this sort of people are no less than filthy grabage of our country.

bharat band Free Ka Holiday is Bharat Bandh

The frustration within common people bursted out as tweets

Strikes happen to strike down people and shops

If not the air buoys with vehicular-smoke, but the blood besputters anthracite, know that it is ‘bandh’. If not the honks, but the rallying cries upset your ears, know that it is ‘bandh’. If not the fruitions, but the repercussions wind up, know that it is ‘bandh’.

By Aseem Banerjee


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