Freedom of speech doesn’t give us the liberty to raise our voice against our own soil. There exists patriotism too which is way above freedom of speech.

India Constitution has the right to express our view in order to desist Govt /cabinet to act arbitrarily in implementing Govt policies. But shouting anti-India slogan does not fall under the purview of Freedom of speech.
kanhaiya kumar jnu hearing court Freedom Of Speech Vs Patriotism
It is sedition with our loving country. You can air your views against ruling party and even against PM but not against India. Govt of India took right decision by booking them and bringing them to the law of land. Govt must approach to SC for getting perpetrators bail cancelled.
JNU Anti Inida slogans Freedom Of Speech Vs Patriotism
Country comes first then any thing else. We must remember whether we remain or not country must remain.
By Dr Rajiv Kaul
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