Can we not practice Conscience and Consciousness Citizenship and save our nation and the world at large and bring peace, progress and prosperity?

The recent happenings in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and an entirely different situation prevailing in Kashmir and the political wrangles being perpetuated among the warring politicians and political parties and vested interests have opened a Pandora Box as to where our country is heading towards.

protest story cauvery Friends, Indians and Countrymen Lend me your attention.

The lessons of the past history on how one time great country of ours was subjugated for a long time first by the Muslim rulers and then by the British is being forgotten and the country is again in the process of disintegration on account of our own creation based on caste, creed, language, region and religion, tradition and culture.

The politics of vote bank has already creating its divide among the citizens of this one time great country which spread its glorious presence and influence from the mountainous Cambodia to the plains of Indonesia, from the periphery of Asia Minor to the Fareast.  Political parties, overanxious for vote catching, become tolerant to intolerant groups.  If this alarming trend of disintegration of the country is not arrested and reversed, it will be too late before this country is again subjugated by some other outside force.

religious intolerance Friends, Indians and Countrymen Lend me your attention.

India is the largest practicing democratic country of the people, by the people and for the people enshrining the fundamental rights to its citizen. But unfortunately the citizens of this country have forgotten the fact that their rights are derived out of their duties first to be performed which are clearly and without any ambiguity enumerated under Article 51-A Part IVA of the Indian Constitution.

The people particularly the politicians and political parties have forgotten the old dictum “United we stand, divided we fall”. Our present practicing democracy has become a means to reduce men to mediocrity in character and culture, to vulgarise man’s conception of life, their moral codes, manners and conduct and to endanger their legitimate rights. Our democracy as seen presently totally lacks the spirit of reverence in all public acts which prevents people from doing wrong by respect for authority and for the laws, having an especial regard to those who are ordained for the protection of the underprivileged and oppressed.  How the country can be saved from the ravaging acts of vandalism?

The one and the only way to arrest the deteriorating trend in the mass behaviour of the citizens is to kindle their conscience to the atrocities  they are perpetuating on the nation and on the people leading to self destruction and arise their conscious thinking towards restoring the sanity and well-being of the nation and its people. This will prevent the masses that may fall prey to the opportunistic nefarious activities of the fringe elements.   The citizens should understand that if the nation does not exist, then there is no citizenship and only the power of the mighty will befall on them relegating them to the status of a second class citizen depriving of their fundamental rights and natural justice. How to kindle the conscience and consciousness of the citizens of India?

History has shown that India attained independence through non violent movement because of the quality of leadership. Success depends upon the collective efforts of individuals for which an inspiring leadership is the inevitable necessity. Leadership also means achieving the objectives which hitherto thought impossible and that can be achieved only by those leaders who want accomplishment so badly that they seek it even while conditions are unfavorable and uncongenial.

Mahatma Gandhi1 Friends, Indians and Countrymen Lend me your attention.

The quality leadership of the independence movement in India harnessed the power of the people and aroused the conscience and consciousness of the masses to a uniformed action with single minded devotion by making them to understand the objectives of the movement stood united and achieved independence.  The situations prevailed then and prevailing now are entirely different. Presently the fissiparous tendencies have started pervading all sections of the society particularly the fringe elements of the political parties and the extreme elements in the society have succeeded in exploiting the situation to the hilt perpetuating their own vested interests at the cost of nations’ wealth, health and security creating a peril to the very existence of the nation.

“When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears, when right conduct is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder.” Expediency is precisely what our politicians and political parties and the fringe group practice to exploit the inherent emotional weaknesses of the public promoting their vested interest above national interest with the result even before recognizing a problem, it becomes an emergency.  Not that here are no sane and strong political leadership or the members of the public but they are very few and their presence is neither being effectively felt nor their voice is being properly heard because the public outcry coming out of kindled ebullitions of emotional outburst of loot and plunder overshadows the saner presence and voice of peace and human and national interest.

The truth is that between the good and the bad, only the circumstances have to wedge in. Hence, as far as citizenship is concerned, the circumstances that trigger the creation of a volatile situation are to be identified and removed to prevent any untoward incidents so that further deterioration of the circumstance does not take place.  Further, a constant vigil without complacency and effective monitoring of circumstances that create such strife would also ensure prevention of situations going out of control leading to riots and destruction of public properties including deaths of innocent public.

It is not only the duty and responsibility of the government but also that of the opposition and that of the public as well to keep up the peace and tranquility of the nation in their interest and above all the interest of the nation. But none of these are happening because the sectarian feelings are being whipped up creating an emotional upsurge leading to vandalism.

conscious mind Friends, Indians and Countrymen Lend me your attention.

The Conscience and Consciousness Citizenship credo is aroused it will usher in an environment of goodwill and respect among the people without the feeling of being abused, shamed and threatened. It also inculcates a sense of belonging among the rulers and the opposition and the ruled leading to understanding the respective roles and mutual obligations and contributions towards the health and wealth of economy and the society alike which will also ensure the security of the nation. Further they would hold themselves and each other accountable for adhering to some set of agreed-upon values and ethics and for working toward an agreed-upon vision.

Deviations and errors would be considered as an opportunity for learning and growth, rather than an excuse for blame and punishment. This does not mean that there won’t be any problems. In an uncertain and volatile political environment nobody can predict precisely the future outcome. But with trust and mutual understanding based on the tenets of Conscience and Consciousness citizenship and also the duties and responsibilities coming under citizenship that they developed, timely actions will be initiated to tide over the problems and to achieve the goals of common welfare keeping the national interest above all.

A Conscience and Consciousness citizenship will create an everlasting relationship among the government and the opposition and the people whom the government and the opposition represent and also belong to creating a congenial atmosphere and a conducive environment with mutual help and respect which will also enable restoration of peace and prevention of violence.

Restoring citizens’ faith is based on the following human behavioral principles: – “The ultimate relationship building tool between the government and the citizens is the human touch and “Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” and   more importantly the truth is that “Your situation is never permanent. It is what you make it. Life isn’t solid. It’s fluid. It changes”.

If the principles of Conscience and Consciousness Citizenship is implemented and practiced faithfully and diligently by the government, the opposition and the people, it can even lead to spread of the virtuous principles to make it a global phenomenon ushering in an era of Universal Brotherhood and “Brotherhood is an accomplishment of soul searching, prayer and perseverance. It enables one to accept a person for his intrinsic qualities and with all his faults and frailties and refuse to judge him by the irrelevant fact that he belongs to different race, religion, caste, creed or nationality from our own. The spontaneous feeling of brotherhood is a mark of human maturity.”

Can we not practice Conscience and Consciousness Citizenship and save our nation and the world at large and bring peace, progress and prosperity?

By T.R.Radhakrishnan

(The author invites comments from readers and can be contacted through his email  or on his mobile 9229248048)

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