It can be correctly said that the Eid festivities had not been overpowered by the furious sun.

It remained with enough humidity and high temperature on Monday. The denizens’ troubles heightened with the day’s maximum temperature reaching up to 40-degree Celsius. It was more than two degrees above the normal temperature. The maximum relative humidity reached 80 percent.  However, the festivity had not died down on occasion of Eid. It paced with the sternness of the weather situation showing all the traditional enthusiasm. They appeared even more enthusiastic than other normal days. They did not deter from the hot scorching sun in mixing, hugging and greeting one another. What to say of the elders, the youngsters were roaming with their festive moods. The little ones also enjoyed joy ride and swings arranged on this celebratory occasion.

north india heat post Furious Sun Fails To Hold Eid Festivities


The mirth pervaded everywhere. The festival of Eid is certainly a reward for the Muslims in lieu of the prayers performed during the month of Ramazan. They were also grateful to the Almighty for devoting time in the obligatory prayers throughout the month.

Eid is an Arabic word which finds mention in the seventh chapter of the Holy Quran. It means the day of happiness. Eid day is the first day of a new Arabic calendar month Shawwal. The fasts impart them a lesson of restraint and contentment that is possible only in Ramazan. It is a fact which cannot be denied. This power helps a devout to suppress the devil in his adherence to the path of religion and Divine injunctions. In short, the fast made a devout fearful of the Almighty in a real sense.

Children Hugging On The Eve Of EID Furious Sun Fails To Hold Eid Festivities

School children during a function on the eve of Eid in Patna on August 7, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

There is optimism everywhere. Every heart is filled with the joys of the annual festival. Children in new dresses crave for the special gift of Eidi on this day. They did not forget to count the amount collected in the form of Eidi. They did not miss an opportunity to obtain this once a year gift. Little Saad showed a great liking for collecting Eidi from his relatives and enjoyed the festive occasion along with his peers in the locality. Even he invited his friends at his home.  It can be correctly said that the Eid festivities had not been overpowered by the furious sun.  

By Shakeel Ahmad 

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