Will AAP survive long enough to be able to deliver the promises it has made to the people of Delhi? One waits to see if the latest party on the block manages to stand by its ideals without getting compromised.

It is a well known fact that power corrupts and greed for more power ruins the most honest men. This is the case with AAP. The representatives connected with the most common people and the youth got victory but not majority for which they compromised their principles and sat with Congress. Congress is the very party which AAP swore to pull down. The minute they were allotted a bungalow the internal jealousy came to light and Arvind Kejriwal had to surrender. All their principles and promises were being sent for a toss. Rather than gauging the mind of the public they became over-anxious to dream for the highest position and the same tactics of referendum for the public of kashmir put the first nail in the coffin for the national dream of AAP. If they do not pull up their socks and deliver 18 promises to Delhi they will be wiped out from the political scene. They do not see the rising sun and should have politically taken BJP’s support to ensure cleansing the system of dictatorship of the Gandhi family which has ruined the self respect of every single Congress man wherein their dynasties will abuse them for mortgaging their dignity. Arvind Kejriwal is a good man but all people are not alike. Everyone has their own political aspirations and therefore if he does not take immediate measures to cool the egos his downfall will be faster than expected.

By Satish Bhangar

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