Colonel Gaddafi might be a mad dog for the west, but he and his virgin female bodyguards were undoubtedly an asset to the west. Read more to know why

Colonel Gaddafi or Maummar Gaddafi is widely addressed as Mad Dog in the west. However despite his atrocities, somethings which he did, can’t be ignored. For instance, Gaddafi was the first person to issue a warrant against the famous terrorist  Osama Bin Laden in the year 1998 well before the 9/11 attacks. Then again, there was his female bodyguards – Amazonian Guards (al-rahibat al-thwariyyat) who become a symbol of women liberalization in not just Libya but in the entire Middle East.

colonel gadhafi and female body guards Why Gaddafi & His Women Bodyguards Were An Asset to the West!

He Knew How to Control Hardline Islamist Men

While, it becomes hard for the west to control Muslim groups and the hardline Islamist men, Qaddafi knew the ways to counter these men. His female security guards with lipsticks, nail paints, high heels, make up and skimpy clothes were a great blow against obscurantism. The fact that there was a great competition to be recruited in Gaddafi’s women brigade makes me wonder if Gaddafi really respected women, and it was love and not lust after all.

Muammar el Gaddafi virgin female bodyguards Why Gaddafi & His Women Bodyguards Were An Asset to the West!

Still debatable, in either ways, he did bring women liberalization in a country where women couldn’t even step outside their home without wearing Burqa. He did prove that women in his country are equal to men. This of course was not liked by the misogynist who therefore became his enemy.

His Selection Requirements Were Different

Only unmarried and virgin women could join his platoon. The final selection was done by Gaddafi himself. Once they were selected they were trained in Women’s Military Training Academy where they were taught marital arts and unarmed combat training. Sources say these women could easily handle sten guns and rifles.

All the women guards were highly professional and loyal. And so when Islamic fundamentalist attacked Gaddafi, one of his favorite female guard didn’t think twice before throwing herself across Gaddafi’s body to protect him from bullets.

bodyguards gaddafi west muslim rulers Why Gaddafi & His Women Bodyguards Were An Asset to the West!

This was another requirement – All the women had to vow that they would even die to protect Gaddafi if there comes a moment like that. According to the arrested women guard by the rebels, who played a vital role in selection mentioned, “These women had to be army officers.” Also, they had to be tall since they would stand behind Qaddafi. When asked if being beautiful was a requirement too? She denied by stating that, according to Gaddafi any women looks beautiful with little make up.

Inspite of these strange requirements if there was a competition in joining the troupe, I’m sure he was doing anything wrong. If the liberalization was the reason why the hardline Muslim people hated him, then they deserved Qaddafi.

Why Gaddafi was More of a Benefit to the West, than Harm?

Hardline Muslim groups Like the infamous Al Qaeda hated Qaddafi for his women liberalization. These people not only considered him as their foe but also vowed to kill him. However, never ever they could accomplish this task. In return, it was Gaddafi who hanged several members of these conservative and hardcore Muslim groups.

20sd2 Why Gaddafi & His Women Bodyguards Were An Asset to the West!

These groups were afraid of Gaddafi and the dictator assured they were controlled, conqured and destroyed. But, unfortunately the west failed to ignore the benefits of having Gaddafi in the  Middle East and overthrew the first wall against Muslim terrorism. Had Gaddafi been alive, the killing of the US Ambassador Christopher Stephens in Benghazi would never have happened.

Not just a bad omen, the killing shatters the pro US regime which they had in their minds perhaps!

Regarding, the all women force of Gaddafi which melted in crowds – I don’t think so, the liberalization of women in Libya and Middle East is now possible in that way since Libya is heading towards an Islamic regime and Sharia rules the Islamic world!

By: Deepti Verma

With inputs from: DailyMail, DNA – Agency ANI

Image Source: Gaddafi, Virgin bodyguards, Gaddafi and Obama

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