Star Plus Mahabharat will soon air the Game of Dice, ultimately showing Draupadi cheer haran. But will it give us a detailed info of the incident?

The time has come in the new Mahabharat when the Game of Dice will change the lives of Pandavas and Draupadi forever. This infamous incident which not only humiliated Draupadi but also led to the Kurukshetra war will soon be aired on the Star Plus Mahabharat, going by the recent promos on TV.

However, the question remains – Will the new Mahabharat show only little of what is known of the game or will it explore more and give us a detailed description of the little known game along with the players and the bets that happened? oie 51235286z3GXfFx Will the Game of Dice in Star Plus Mahabharat Clear Our Doubts? Going by the past records of the Swastik Pictures Mahabharat, I am hoping to see step by step phases of the game so that I know how the Kauravas could manipulate Pandavas merely through words that could easily convince them to put their everything at stake. B R Chopra’s Mahabharat couldn’t bestow us with adequate information with respect to this episode and so I hope to see every step and stage of the game, starting from the manipulations to the emotional turmoil that the Pandavas had to face.

I have often wondered why did Yudhishtr put his integrity, honor and his beloved wife Draupadi too at stake during this game of dice. What was the reason that led him humiliate his wife at the hand of Kauravas in front of the entire palace that included even Bhishm pitama, Vidur, Dronacharya and some great maharathis of Hastinapur.

Why did none of the maharathis stop Yudhishtr from betting his wife? And if he did due to his helpless situation than why didn’t they stop Duryodhan and Dushashan from committing such a crime of “Draupadi Cheer Haran.”

Moreover, time and again, Duryodhan has been potrayed as an antagonist of Mahabharat and Shakuni the sutradhar of all his wrong doings. Still, one cannot ignore Duryodhan’s positive aspects – his good behavior towards his wife, his cherished friendship with Karn.

Now that makes me wonder what was his real intention in getting Draupadi into the mess, whether the insult that Draupadi made or it was all Yudhishtr’s fault to bet drag his wife into a game which was of course not her business at all. Was Yudhishtr so addicted to the game of dice that he did not even think of Draupadi twice before putting her at stake?

In addition, something that always irked me is the silence of all the so-called elders presenting the palace. Why didn’t they interfere even for once in such a wrong act? Everybody in the Mahabharat talks about Dharma then why’d they keep mum when one of the biggest Adharm was happening right in front of their eyes? Looks like India was biased then and India is biased today.

Hope, the Star Plus Mahabharat answers all the question that has been running around in the minds of people and clear all the doubts wrt this game of dice. A thorough illustration of the game by explaining the rules, the pattern and the betting system will not help us to decipher what actually went wrong in this infamous game which not only brought shame to Pandavas but the entire Aryan race.

By: Deepti Verma

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