We are technically neighbours but haven’t learnt to live in peace, yet.

Something has gone terrible wrong with our Republic. There is an ominous cloud over the approaching dialogues with our neighbor, Pakistan.  One unfortunate lady named Palo Devi was killed in Jammu sector by Pakistan’s sudden firings on Wednesday.  But no one went on to wipe the tears of her family. Has she lost her life due to any personal fault? Certainly not. Neither will she be called a ‘brave heart‘, nor will her statue be installed anywhere.

The incident of Palo Devi is not an isolated one. During last few years thousands of civilians & military personnel have been killed by the Pakistani army and terrorists.   In fact a country of 127 crore must have better human power, defense power, morale power & political power so that the enemy cannot dare to throw pebbles.

India pakistan flag A Game of Pebbles Between Neighbours

Constant Problems Between the Neighbours


We fought four battles & defeated them. History was created when a new country was born on the globe out of 1971 conflicts. There are few people among our neighbors too with whom we need a better relationship. But unfortunately, the number of devils out number the gentlemen.

Nawaz and Modi A Game of Pebbles Between Neighbours


Our PM sent a signal for peaceful relationship. But Mia Nawaj was not able to appreciate the good gestures extended by him. Next day itself, they them self  put it into reverse gear. As per media reports, during the last 48 hours there were 6 ceasefire violations. Different agencies of Pakistan attack India to protect their turfs. How long will our innocent civilians and non civilians be continued to be killed while the leaders just shake hands. Pakistan talked about nuclear war. During the Kargil war also they were armored with  nuclear weapons. The result is known to all. Modijee promised zero tolerance of terrorism to the ‘People of India’ during parliament election. So far we are still awaiting results. It is the time to deal strongly with Pakistan once for all and minimize the number of deaths.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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