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Even in modern India there exist several social taboos that do not cease to leave the Indian culture. While, one might not find these social evils in metropolitans, it still exists in the interiors of India. Child marriage is one such thing.

Gangaa tv serial Gangaa &TV Serial: Know the Plot, the Story and the Star Cast

AndTV’s serial titled Gangaa once again take us down to this ugly norms and customs of society which shows how in the name of tradition, these customs and rituals destroy the life of innocents.

Meet Ganga, She is a Child Bride Who Lost Her Husband on the Same Day of Her Marriage

Gangaa is a motherless child who was brought up by her father, her Bappa. Right from her early days, Gangaa is portrayed as a strong-willed girl who has a high sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Her attitude is just like River Ganga who flows no matter how difficult her path is. It is this survivor instinct that makes her an extraordinary kid.

However, Ganga is married when she is hardly 5 years old. On the same day both her husband and father die in a riot, and she becomes a child bride. The society no more treats her as a little kid but a widow. She is forced to live life like a widow. However, Gangaa’s spirit and resilience ensure that she fights like a winner.

Ruhana Khanna is essaying the role of little Ganga

Niranjan Chaturvedi aka Neeru Baba is Gangaa’s Savior

A Barrister in Banaras Sessions Court, Niranjan or Neeru Babu is the headman of the Chaturvedi family. Neeru Babu is famous for his sense of justice who maintains a balanced view of the world. Though he is progressive and has a modern approach towards life, he still somehow peacefully lives with his mother who is very traditional and orthodox.

hiten tejwani gangaa Gangaa &TV Serial: Know the Plot, the Story and the Star Cast

Hiten Tejwani is playing the role of Niranjan Chaturvedi. He was last seen in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. Earlier, he was seen in several Balaji TV serials including Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kkutumb, Pavitra Rishta and several others.

Madhavi Chaturvedi the typical housewife is torn between her progressive husband and orthodox mother-in-law

Madhavi Chaturvedi, Niranjan’s wife is a loving mother who is no different from other housewives. Like most of the wedded women even she is torn between her mother and husband’s contradictory outlook towards life. While, her mother-in-law is orthodox her husband is very progressive in his approach. Therefore, she often remains mum on almost on the issues, sacrificing her opinions most of the time to maintain peace in the house.

Madhavi Gungun Uprari at the curtain raiser of Gangaa 1427461178 1 Gangaa &TV Serial: Know the Plot, the Story and the Star Cast

Gungun Uprari is playing the role of Madhvi.

The Orthodox Dadi – Kanta Chaturvedi

Kanta Chaturvedi is the mother of Niranjan Chaturvedi and like mentioned above the old lady is the one who follows age old custom and traditions religiously. This is the reason whenever somebody challenges or breaks the customs, it pisses her greatly. She too is a widow belonging to the family of yesteryears landlords.

gangaa sushmita mukherjee Gangaa &TV Serial: Know the Plot, the Story and the Star Cast

Sushmita Mukherjee is seen playing the role of Ammaji. Remember the wicked lady in Bollywood King Uncle? 

Then there is evil Mamiji

A serial can never run without an ideal “vamp” who has all the bad qualities in her. Prabha Mamiji is one such character. She is not only very greedy, but also very selfish. Besides, she too believes in customs and tradition. We often see her hurting the little Gangaa.

Rakhi Vijan Gangaa Gangaa &TV Serial: Know the Plot, the Story and the Star Cast

Rakhi Tandon, the Sweetie of Hum Paanch and Ruby of Sony TV’s Muslim drama is back in the picture as Prabha Maami.

Gangaa’s Song Download

Tumre Bhavan Main Jyot Jaage (x2)

Paap Bhaage

Aanand Mangal Ho Meri Ambaa

Brahma Ji Ved Japa…

Download Gangaa’s Title Song from here

Gangaa’s Tumre Bhavan Mein Jyot Jaage (&) TV Serial Title Song MP3, Mp3  Download

Aanand Mangal Ho Meri Amba Gangaa &TV Serial Title Song Download

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