Genghis Khan is notorious in the pages of history as a brutal ruler. However, was another side to him that hasn’t been highlighted? That of a rather efficient head of state?

The legend of Genghis Khan

To millions of people, the name Genghis Khan is synonymous to an evil incarnate as he terrified people like no other conqueror in history. However, even today in Central Asia and Mongolia the Khan’s name is honored. Some of the clans in Central Asia still give the name “Chinguz” to their sons in the expectancy that these children on becoming adults will overpower the world, just as their 13th century hero did.Ravaging Persia, Afghanistan, Russia and breaking the Great Wall of China, Genghis not only invaded Asia but also Europe and ruled much of the then known world.

512px GhinggisKhanStatue Who was Genghis Khan   A Brutal Warrior or a Revered Statesman?

Genghis Khan’s statue

The ruthless warrior

While renowned as a ruthless warrior, Genghis Khan was also a civilizer and that too a good one of all the people he subjugated. However, there are very little records available when it comes to him, and it makes me wonder – Have the historians only looked upon his monstrous side?Undeniably his infuriation led to enormous destruction. His military wars often resulted in an extensive bloodbath of civilians.  The most infamous instance is his obliteration of the ancient Khwarezm reign, which covered Afghanistan, Persian and Turkestan which was slaughtered and reduced to dust and ruins by his large army. However, can we blame Genghis Khan entirely for what he did? Wasn’t he just a child of the era and country in which he lived?

An efficient ruler

Agreed his methods were wrong and he was a warmonger, but then being a General his proficiency was great and so were his organization skills. After overtaking more land than any other person or organization in history, a realm that lengthened from Vienna to Japan, Khan turned his spotlight to law and order. Sources reveal that he gave his empire the freedom of religion and even introduced several advanced things in the form of money, paper, pants and even forks. Besides, he was the one who unified Mongols. His achievement was so great that even tribes as far as Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan wanted to become a part of it and so they overthrew their Buddhist rulers in order to join the Mongolian Empire.

Thus Genghis Khan engineered a great period of peace, a sort of Pax Mongolica.Lastly, he had a tough effect upon the Mongolians who had lived all their life in huge disorder and mystification. Whatever greatness they achieved was only under Khan’s leadership. This gave the Mongolians a sense of pride too. He unified the Mongolians together and never saw himself as the head of his people but only as the head of Mongol aristocracy which he had himself united – Makes me think, “Who was Genghis Khan – A brutal warrior or a revered statesman?”

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Image Source: By Fanghong (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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