Girls standing in liquor shop and buying an alcoholic beverage in India is no less than a celebrity because every one around her have their eyes on her.

India and its Indians are unintelligible. One can never untangle the mysteries they sew up in their minds. Their thoughts, their perceptions, their opinions, their viewpoints, their understanding, actually they themselves are Greek to me. And literally the day I decide upon ‘unravelling’ this ‘Greek’, I would hate myself more than them to have taken the decision. 3.3 lb is the weight of an average brain but I bet on Indian brains to weigh double of the standard figure. And you know why is it twice in the case of Indians? This is because they nurture profuse theorizations, theorizations which are absolutely groundless and illogical.

It was last week when I and my childhood friend fixed up a plan to booze and laugh our hearts out. And as planned, we went to liquor store and lined ourselves up in the queue where don’t-know how many non-occasional drinkers like us and how many regulars too excitedly stood. The strangeness about the queue was ‘we two’. ‘We two’ as in the only two females among the men but yeah the strangeness of being the only girls were not actually bothering us, but the people in the radius of our focus. The way they gaped and stared was humiliating to endure but what we could do that moment was just grit our teeth and keep on the composure.

girls can drink too Why Do Envious Eyeballs Fixate On Girls Buying Hard Alcohol?

Why the heck doesn’t this patriarchal society thaw? What’s the bizarreness in the girls buying a drink or boozing? Do the alcoholic beverages come with an instruction ‘made for males’? Does a beer bottle clasped in a girl’s hand make her a whore? Is this hypocritical society more concerned for women health than boys? Do the five lettered term ‘booze’ in the dictionary means ‘alcoholic beverage intended for boys’?  What is that so odd about girls boozing and getting sloshed?

Both of us had these questions running in our minds one after another but were unfortunate to pull in them from mind to tongue. Rather we chose to blindfold ourselves to the bitter and suspicious stares lurking around us. If we didn’t speak does not imply our content with the societal mores. It is at times better to shut our lips than shut other’s eyes.

equality in everything Why Do Envious Eyeballs Fixate On Girls Buying Hard Alcohol?


I would like to ask every such discriminating Indian that what’s that ‘something’ which render eligibility to boys to drink. Just because we are girls, we’ve no right to booze. Correct me if the preceding statement is false.

By Prerna Daga

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