Don’t be surprised if your grandma (new global Indian) chats with you on Skype or WhatsApp from India to your foreign destination

There were times when you rarely heard of someone staying abroad, perhaps the farthest one could go was the Middle East. And that one person who would stay abroad was a star in everyone’s eyes, when he/she would come they would be received with aplomb, smiling and expecting faces at the airport with a big bunch of noisy family members.

indians iraq airport The Classic Breed of New Global Indians

I still remember during my early childhood one international/ trunk call, made the entire house go into a silent hush. All thanks to the effects of globalization this is not the case today, International calls have become more frequent than local calls.

In every nook and corner the families have at least one close relative living in Australia, London and America. Trips to the airport are common and not many (except your parents) are ready to take the trouble of spoiling their precious sleep and coming to the airport to receive.

Today the parents (be it young or old) of these non-residing Indian children have turned global too.

Staying connected to their dear children means being technologically aware and updated, learning things perhaps they never knew existed. It does mean a lot, every bygone era had something special about it, perhaps the simplicity which is nonexistent today in our lives which are jam packed with ever updating software’s latest gadgets and work schedules, and our parents try to cram into this noisy era too.

senior citizen technology The Classic Breed of New Global Indians

What more parents keep a close tab on the international news too, and when you call them they would be knowing more about what happened in your residing state than you. True to this, one afternoon I get a Call from my dad, who according to his time In India should be in a deep sleep.

I hurriedly answer and even before I could ask he asks “I saw in news, there was an earthquake in California, are you fine?

After I rested his apprehensions and hung up, it hit me he is more aware than I am about America

And the next day I find him on whatsApp! And I get a message “you can send my grand daughter’s pictures and videos to me and mom, that way we won’t miss seeing her

The love for their children makes them go to various extents they have come out of a shell, shedding their fear of trying out new things and turning global and aware.

So don’t be surprised if your grandma knows how to operate the laptop, or the Smartphone and you find her on an app just like I did!

By: Amina Samreen Salahuddin

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